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No 2 / 150


No: 55
Shelf mark: D
Document type: Bild; foto; repro av målning
Colour: Svartvit
Carrier: Papper
Format: Horisontal rektangel
Inner size: 14.6 cm x 22.9 cm (height x width)
Date: 1911
Keywords: paintings, men, women, fountains, soldiers,
Reference: Ackté, Aino.Taiteeni taipaleelta.Helsinki 1935, s.181.

Ackté, Aino.Målning "Aino Ackté á Salome, London 1911" : Salome dansar vid en brunn omgiven av soldater, hovet betraktar dansen på trappor ; Painting Aino Ackté as Salome in London 1911.Salome dances in front of well surrounded by soldiers, court watches from stairway.


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