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No 4 / 18

Sibeliusmuseum / Musikvetenskapliga institutionen

No: 2778
Shelf mark: C
Document type: Bild; foto
Colour: Färg
Carrier: Papper
Format: Postkort, horisontal
Inner size: 14.9 cm x 10.3 cm (height x width)
Date: senast 1979
Originator: Fotoperator; Calle Goethe 32, Palma de Mallorca
Keywords: galleries & museums, showcases, pictures, sheet music, candlesticks, sculpture,

Chopin-vitrin i museum, Valldemosa, Mallorca ; Showcase with objects connected with Chopin in Valldemosa, Mallorca

23.9.1997 / 22.11.2002