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31. Handbook for applying the guiding principles on internal displacement, 1999


Handbook for applying the guiding principles on internal displacement /, iii, 61 p.. - Washington D.C. : The Brookings Institution, 1999.


ABSTRACT: Contents:. What is internal displacement?. General principles. Protection from displacement. Protection during displacement. Principles related to humanitarian assistance. Principles relating to return, resettlement and reintegration.

* humanitär rätt = humanitarian law = humanitaarinen oikeus
* internflyktingar = internally displaced persons = maan sisäiset pakolaiset
* rörelsefrihet = freedom of movement = liikkumisvapaus
* ekonomiska, sociala och kulturella rättigheter = economic, social and cultural rights = TSS-oikeudet
* omflyttning = resettlement = jälleenasutus

NOTE (GENERAL): Guiding principles on internal displacement


32. Fiddian-Qasmiyeh, Elena (ed.) : The Oxford handbook of refugee & forced migration studies, 2014


The Oxford handbook of refugee & forced migration studies / Fiddian-Qasmiyeh, Elena (ed.) ; Loescher, Gil (ed.) ; Long, Katy (ed.) ; Sigona, Nando (ed.), 747 p.. - Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2014.

ISBN 978-0-19-965243-3


ABSTRACT: CONTENTS:. 1. Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh, Gil Loescher, Katy Long and Nando Sigona: Introduction: Refugee and forced migration studies in transition. 2. Jérôme Elie: Histories of refugee and forced migration studies. 3. Guy S. Goodwin-Gill: The international law of refugee protection. 4. Matthew J. Gibney: Political theory, ethics, and forced migration. 5. Alexander Betts: International relations and forced migration. 6. Dawn Chatty: Anthropology and forced migration. 7. Finn Stepputat and Ninna Nyberg-Soerensen: Sociology and forced migration. 8. Karen Jacobsen: Livelihoods and forced migration. 9. Michael Collyer: Geographies of forced migration. 10. Oliver Bakewell: Encampment and self-settlement. 11. Loren B. Landau: Urban refugees and IDPs. 12. James Milner: Protracted refugee situations. 13. Walter Kälin: Internal displacement. 14. Nicholas Van Hear: Refugees, diasporas, and transnationalism. 15. Stephan Scheel and Vicki Squire: Forced migrants as 'illegal' migrants. 16. Jane McAdam: Human rights and forced migration. 17. Gil Loescher: UNHCR and forced migration. 18. Susan Akram: UNRWA and Palestinian refugees. 19. Michael Barnett: Refugees and humanitarianism. 20. Randall Hansen: State controls: borders, refugees, and citizenship. 21. Anne Hammerstad: The securitization of forced migration. 22. Volker Türk and Rebecca Dowd: Protection gaps. 23. Alice Edwards and Laura van Waas: Statelessness. 24. Simon Russell and Vicky Tennant: Humanitarian reform: from coordination to clusters. 25. Sarah Kenton Lischer: Conflict and crisis induced displacement. 26. Christopher McDowell: Development created population displacement. 27. Roger Zetter and James Morrissey: The environment-mobility nexus: reconceptualizing the links between environmental stress, (im)mobility, and power. 28. Bridget Anderson: Trafficking. 29. Nando Sigona: The politics of refugee voices: representation, narratives, and memories. 30. Jason Haart: Children and forced migration. 31. Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh: Gender and forced migration. 32. Claudio Bolzman: Older refugees. 33. Marsha Mirza: Disability and forced migration. 34. Alastair Ager: Health and forced migration. 35. David Hollenbach, SJ: Religion and forced migration. 36. Terence Wright: The media and representation of refugees and other forced migrants. 37. Katy Long: Rethinking 'durable' solutions. 38. Lucy Hovil: Local integration. 39. Laura Hammond: 'Voluntary' repatriation and reintegration. 40. Joanne van Selm: Refugee resettlement. 41. Martin Gottwald: Burden sharing and refugee protection. 42. Marion Fresia: Forced migration in West Africa. 43. Jonathan Crush and Abel Chikanda: Forced migration in Southern Africa. 44. Gaim Kibreab: Forced migration in the Great Lakes and Horn of Africa. 45. Sari Hanafi: Forced migration in the Middle East and North Africa. 46. Alessandro Monsutti and Bayram Balci: Forced migration in broader Central Asia. 47. Paula Banarjee: Forced migration in South Asia. 48. Kirsten McConnachie: Forced migration in South-East Asia and East Asia. 49. Anne McNevin: Forced migration in Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific. 50. José H. Fischel de Andrade: Forced migration in South America. 51. Megan Bradley: Forced migration in Central America and the Caribbean: cooperation and challenges. 52. Susan F. Martin: Forced migration in North America. 53. Roland Bank: Forced migration in Europe.

* flyktingar = refugees = pakolaiset
* påtvingad migration = forced migration = pakotettu siirtolaisuus
* internflyktingar = internally displaced persons = maan sisäiset pakolaiset
* återflyttning = repatriation = paluumuutto
* illegala invandrare = illegal immigrants = laittomat maahanmuuttajat
* återsändningsförbud = non-refoulement principle = palautuskielto
* palestinier = Palestinians = palestiinalaiset
* gränskontroll = border control = rajatarkastus
* statslösa personer = stateless persons = valtiottomat henkilöt
* miljöflyktingar = environmental refugees = ympäristöpakolaiset
* omflyttning = resettlement = jälleenasutus
* människohandel = trafficking in persons = ihmiskauppa
* flyktingbarn = refugee children = pakolaislapset
* handikappade = disabled persons = vammaiset
* kön = gender = sukupuoli
* religion = religion = uskonto
* integration = integration = integraatio
* delade bördor = burden-sharing = taakan jakaminen


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