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31. Nincic, Miroslav : Race, gender, and war, 2002

BIBLIOGRAPHIC LEVEL: part of a serial

Race, gender, and war / Nincic, Miroslav ; Nincic, Donna J.

REFERENCE TO GENERIC UNIT (Periodica): Journal of peace research : vol. 39; no. 5., p. 547-568. - London : SAGE, 2002. - ISSN 0022-3433


* ras = race = rotu
* kön = gender = sukupuoli
* krig = war = sota
* militär intervention = military intervention = sotilaallinen interventio


URL http://jpr.sagepub.com/

32. Arloth, Jana : The ESDP crisis management operations of the European Union and human rights, 2007


The ESDP crisis management operations of the European Union and human rights / Arloth, Jana, 67 p.. - Berlin : Deutsches Institut für Menschenrechte, 2007.

ISBN 978-3-937714-44-8


* EU = EU = EU
* mänskliga rättigheter = human rights = ihmisoikeudet
* gender mainstreaming = gender mainstreaming = gender mainstreaming
* staternas förpliktelser = obligations of states = valtioiden velvollisuudet
* inkorporering = incorporation = yhdistäminen
* militär intervention = military intervention = sotilaallinen interventio

NOTE (GENERAL): UN charter; TEU;

33. Klabbers, Jan (Editor-in-Chief) : Finnish yearbook of international law , 2009


Finnish yearbook of international law / Klabbers, Jan (Editor-in-Chief) ; Creutz, Katja ; Wallendahl, Åsa (executive editors), viii, 430 p.. - Leiden : Martinus Nijhoff publ., 2009. - ISSN 0786-6453

ISBN 978-90-04-182011


ABSTRACT: Table of contents:. 1. Outi Korhonen: Introduction to the Special Theme: International Post-Conflict Governance. 2. Katja Keinänen International Law and the Interests of Liberal Market Economy:The Non-Issue of Environmental Protection in the Kosovo International Administration. 3. Diane Otto: The Sexual Tensions of UN Peace Support Operations: A Plea for ‘Sexual Positivity’. 4. Barbara Delcourt and Nina Wilén: International Administration of Foreign Territories and Sovereignty: An Impossible Equation. 5. Jörn Müller & Andreas Paulus: Survival Through Law: Is there a Law Against Nuclear Proliferation?. 6. Tuomas Forsberg: Post-Conflict Justice and the Finnish Civil War 1918: Reconciliation Without Truth?. 7. Bernhard Knoll: Kosovo’s Endgame and Its Wider Implications in Public International Law. 8. Tiina Pajuste: Legality of International Territorial Administration by the United Nations. ARTICLES:. 1. Jean D’Aspremont: The Foundation of the International Legal Order. 2. Miia Halme: From the Periphery to the Centre: Emergence of the Human Rights Phenomenon in Finland. 3. Daniel Joyce: Fact-Finding and Evidence at the International Court of Justice:Systemic Crisis, Change or More of the Same?. 4. Pekka Niemelä: Law and Universalism, from Antiquity to the Middle Ages. 5. Fouad Zarbiev: Les politiques des vérités juridiques en droit international: Propos autour d’une controverse interjurisdictionelles. Book Reviews & Review Articles:. 1. Gerry Simpson: Law, War and Crime: War Crimes Trials and the Reinvention of International Law (Katja Creutz). 2. Mark Freeman: Truth Commissions and Procedural Fairness (Timo Kallinen). 3. Matthew Craven: The Decolonization of International Law: State Succession and the Law of Treaties (Jan Klabbers). 4. Anne Orford (ed.), International Law and its Others; Johanna Kantola and Johanna Valenius (eds), Toinen maailmanpolitiikka: 10 käsitettä feministiseen kansainvälisten suhteiden tutkimukseen (Outi Korhonen). New Finnish Doctoral Dissertations in International Law:. 1. Marja Lehto International Responsibility for Terrorist Acts: A Shift Towards More Indirect Forms of Responsibility; Statement by Ove Bring. 2. Mats Lindfelt: Fundamental Rights in the European Union: Towards Higher Law of the Land? A Study of the Status of Fundamental Rights in a Broader Constitutional Setting; Statement by Rick Lawson. 3. Merja Pentikäinen Creating an Integrated Society and Recognising Differences: The Role and Limits of Human Rights, with Special Reference to Europe; Statement by Rainer Hofmann. Ius Gentium Association.

* NATO-bombning = NATO bombing = NATOn pommitus
* miljöskydd = environmental protection = ympäristönsuojelu
* militär intervention = military intervention = sotilaallinen interventio
* sexuellt utnyttjande = sexual abuse = seksuaalinen hyväksikäyttö
* kvinnor = women = naiset
* fredsbevarande styrkor = peace-keeping forces = rauhanturvajoukot
* suveränitet = sovereignty = suvereniteetti
* icke-spridning av kärnvapen = non-proliferation of nuclear weapons = ydinaseiden leviämisen estäminen
* rättsfall/rättspraxis = cases/case law = oikeustapaukset/oikeuskäytäntö
* EU-rätt = EU law = EU-oikeus

NOTE (MEETINGS): Symposium International Post-Conflict Governance

NOTE (GENERAL): UN charter; UN chapter-chap.VII;

34. Ribbelink, Olivier (ed.) : Beyond the UN charter, 2008


Beyond the UN charter : peace, security and the role of justice / Ribbelink, Olivier (ed.), xix, 209 p.. - Hague : Hague Academic Press, 2008.

ISBN 978-90-6704--282-6


ABSTRACT: Table of Contents:. PART I. Beyond the United Nations Charter – Peace, Security and the Role of Justice:. 1. Peace, Security and the Role of Justice, by Philippe Sands QC. 2. Les réactions aux nouvelles menaces à la paix et à la sécurité dans le cadre de la Charte des Nations, par Yves Daudet. 3. The Role of the International Criminal Court in an Emerging System of International Justice, by Navi Pillay. 4. Repenser la réforme du conseil de sécurité : représentativité, transparence, performance, par Linos Alexandre Sicilianos. PART II. International Politics and International Law – Military Intervention as a Legitimate Means:. 5. The Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty from Political Will to a Legally Binding Instrument and Beyond. A Case Study, by Jaap Ramaker. 6. Negotiating Peace, Security and Justice, by Paul Meerts. 7. Multinational Peace Support Operations: Problems and Prospects, by Kees Homan. 8. UN Reform and NATO Transformation: The Missing Link, by Dick A. Leurdijk. 9. Legitimation of Military Operations, by Leon Wecke. PART III. A Case Study on Rwanda – How to Re-Establish Peace and Security after Genocide:. 10. La répression du génocide des Rwandais Tutsi: d'Arusha vers les Collines Rwandaises, par François-Xavier Nsanzuwera. 11. La contribution des femmes Rwandaises a la creation d'une nouvelle situation de paix, par Jacqueline Rusilibya. 12. How the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda Is a Crucial Element in the Re-establishment of a New Situation of Peace and Security in Rwanda, by Hassan B. Jallow. 13. The Importance of Truth and Reconciliation Commissions to the Process of Re-Establishing a New Situation of Peace and Security in Rwanda, by Howard Varney.

* internationell straffrätt = international criminal justice = kansainvälinen rikosoikeus
* internationella brottmålsdomstolen = international criminal court (ICC) = kansainvälinen rikostuomioistuin
* krigsfångar = prisoners of war = sotavangit
* internationella domstolar = international courts = kansainväliset tuomioistuimet
* militär intervention = military intervention = sotilaallinen interventio
* EU = EU = EU
* straffrihet = impunity = rankaisemattomuus
* folkmord = genocide = kansanmurha
* immunitet = immunity = koskemattomuus

NOTE (GENERAL): UN charter; ICCPR; Geneva conventions; Atlantic charter;

URL http://www.cambridge.org/gb/knowledge/isbn/item1178576/?site_locale=en_GB

35. Lachenmann, Frauke (ed.) : Max Planck Yearbook of United Nations Law, 2015


Max Planck Yearbook of United Nations Law : volume 18, 2014 / Lachenmann, Frauke (ed.) ; Röder, Tilmann J. (ed.) ; Wolfrum, Rüdiger (ed.), xviii, 752 p. - Leiden : Brill, 2015. - ISSN 1389-4633

ISBN 978-90-29602-2


ABSTRACT: CONTENTS:. 1. Human security: concept and evolution in the United Nations, by Martin Wählisch. 2. Addressing armed opposition groups through Security Council resolutions: a new paradigm?, by Ezequiel Heffes, Marcos D. Kotlik and Brian E. Frenkel. 3. The legal framework for protection of United Nations humanitarian premises during armed conflict, by Lance Bartholomeusz. 4. Responsibility of the United Nations for wrongful acts occurred in the framework of authorized operations in light of the draft articles on the responsibility of international organizations (DARIO), by Frédérique Lozanorios. 5. Responsibility of the United Nations for activities of private military and security companies in peacekeeping operations: in need of a new international instrument, by Jessica Pressler. 6. UN post-conflict peacebuilding activities: an economic reconstruction perspective, by Eric De Brabandere. 7. Securing the rule of law through UN peace operations in Liberia, by Shane Chalmers and Jeremy Farrall. 8. The rule of law and its application to the United Nations: conference report, by Edith Wagner. 9. The UNGA resolutions on the rule of law at the national and international levels, 2006-post 2015, by Ronald Janse. 10. Rule of law and the sustainable development goals, by Astrid Wiik and Frauke Lachenmann. 11. The ethical mandate of UNESCO, by Fruzsina Molnár-Gábor. 12. 'Concerned with the health and welfare of mankind' the UN drug conventions: a suitable legal framework for the 21st century?, by Robin Greiss and Daniel Wisehart. 13. The reaction to the ebola epidemic within the United Nations framework: what next for the World Health Organization?, by Pia Acconci. 14. Judicial control of targeted sanctions by the European Court of Justice, by Sophie Fink. 15. Legality of foreign military intervention in international law: four case studies, by Mindia Vashakmadze. 16. Land grabbing as a threat to the right to self-determination: how permanent sovereignty over natural resources limits states' involvement in large-scale transfers of land, by Elisa Freiburg. 17. Catalonia and the right to self-determination from the perspective of international law, by Hermann-Joseph Blanke and Yasser Abdelrehim. 18. The politics of recognition: changing understandings of human rights, social development and land rights as normative foundation of global social policy, by Lutz Leisering, Benjamin Davy and Ulrike Davy. 19. Key legal and political developments at the United Nations in 2014, by Maximilian Spohr and Tilmann J. Röder.

* FN = UN = YK
* mänsklig säkerhet = human security = ihmisten turvallisuus
* Säkerhetsrådet = Security Council = Turvallisuusneuvosto
* väpnad konflikt = armed conflict = aseellinen selkkaus
* internationella organisationer = international organizations = kansainväliset järjestöt
* ansvarighet = accountability = vastuullisuus
* privata militära företag = private military companies = yksityiset sotilas- ja turvallisuusalan yritykset
* fred och säkerhet = peace and security = rauha ja turvallisuus
* fredsbyggande = peacebuilding = rauhan rakentaminen
* rättsstatsprincip = rule of law = oikeusvaltioperiaate
* hållbar utveckling = sustainable development = kestävä kehitys
* sanktioner = sanctions = pakotteet
* militär intervention = military intervention = sotilaallinen interventio
* självbestämmanderätt = self-determination = itsemääräämisoikeus
* naturresurser = natural resources = luonnonvarat

GEOGRAPHICAL TERMS: Georgia / Liberia / Libya / Spain / Syria / Ukraine