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Musicpic: the search term kwe='cigarr' results in 3 hits

1. Jean Sibelius halvfigur, sitter, hand m cigarr på bordsskiva, ler.JS half figure, sitting, his hand with a cigarr on the desk, smiling. (1955)
2. Jean Sibelius med rykande cigarr halvfigur, sitter, ena handen i byxfickan, kritstrecks randig kostym, rykande cigarr i andra handen.Sibelius sitting, half-figure with cigarr, one hand in the pocket. (1900)
3. Sibelius, halvfigur, sitter lutad med armen på bordet och cigarr i handen, stor kopp på bordet.Half-figure, with his arm on the table and a cigarr in his hand , a big cup on the table. (1923)