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Sibeliusmuseum / Musikvetenskapliga institutionen

No: 5537
Shelf mark: Samling Otto Andersson D
Document type: Bild, foto
Colour: Svartvit
Carrier: Papper
Format: Horisontal rektangel
Outer size: 12.6 cm x 18 cm (height x width)
Date: 30.7.1954
Keywords: group portraits, folklorists,
Reference: "Mountain Music And Spook Tales Subjects of Folklorist' Study" Indiana Daily Student 15.7.1954

Sittande fr.h.Helen Creighton(National Muesum of Canada), Otto Andersson Aili Kolehmainen Johnson (Michigan), stående fr. v.Bruno Nettle (Wayne University, Detroit), Richard M.Dorsan (Michigan State College), Stith Thompson (I.U. director of the institute), Wayland D.Hand (University of California Los Angeles), Dov Neuman (Hebrew University, Jerusalem) Foenlar Institute.USA.

23.9.1997 / 14.10.2009