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Musicpic: the search term kwe='music' results in 6 hits

1. Berlioz, Hector.Autograf: tema ur "Harold en Italie" (The Britisch Museum) ; "Theme from Harold en Italie, by Berlioz, 1834"
2. (Notpärm:) Leevi Madetoja, Merituuli (S Kl) (1997)
3. (Notpärm:) Leevi Madetoja, Vapauden marssi.Frihets marsch op 42/1 (S Kl) (1997)
4. (notpärm:) Erik Bergman, Aton op. 49 (1997)
5. (notpärm:) Erik Bergman, Seela op 55 (b Kbl kammarork.) (1997)
6. (notpärm:) Erik Bergman, Lapponia (m b Kbl) (1997)