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1. João Guia, Maria (ed.) : Immigration detention, risk and human rights, 2016


Immigration detention, risk and human rights : studies on immigration and crime / João Guia, Maria (ed.) ; Koulish, Robert (ed.) ; Mitsilegas, Valsamis (ed.), xvii, 293 p.. - Heidelberg : Springer, 2016.

ISBN 978-3-319-24688-8


ABSTRACT: CONTENTS:. 1. Robert Koulish: Sovereign bias, crimmigration and risk. 2. Michael Flynn: Sovereign discomfort: can liberal norms lead to increasing immigration detention?. 3. Valsamis Mitsilegas: Immigration detention, risk and human rights in the law of the European Union: lessons from the Returns Directive. 4. Marloes Anne Vrolijk: Immigration detention and non-removability before the European Court of Human Rights. 5. Galina Cornelisse: Immigration detention: an instrument in the fight against illegal immigration or a tool for its management?. 6. Dr. Charles Gosme: Trapped between administrative detention, imprisonment, and freedom-in-limbo. 7. Larissa Leite: Immunity from criminal prosecution and consular assistance to the foreign detainee according the international human rights law. 8. Elspeth Guild: Understanding immigration detention in the UK and Europe. 9. Mary Boswoth, Andriani Fili and Sharon Pickering: Women's immigration detention in Greece: gender, control and capacity. 10.Steven De Ridder and Maartje van der Woude: Changing practices regarding the implementation of entry bans in Belgian migration policy since 1980. 11. José Angel Brandariz Garcia: Crimmigation politics and the great recession: analysis of the Spanish case. 12. Katia Cardoso: "Immigrants as detainees": some reflections based on abyssal thinking and other critical approaches. 13. Mark Noferi: Mandatory immigration detention for U.S. crimes: the noncitizen presumption of dangerousness. 14. Christina M. Fialho: Let us in: an argument for the right to visitation in U.S. immigration detention. 15. Gabriel Haddad Teixeira: Who wants to go to Arizona? A brief survey of ciminalization of immigration law in the U.S. context.

* invandring = immigration = maahanmuutto
* migration = migration = siirtolaisuus
* illegala invandrare = illegal immigrants = laittomat maahanmuuttajat
* anhållande = detention = pidättäminen
* EU = EU = EU
* europeiska domstolen för de mänskliga rättigheterna = European Court of Human Rights = Euroopan ihmisoikeustuomioistuin
* förvaltningsrättsligt frihetberövande = administrative detention = hallinto-oikeudellinen vapaudenriisto
* irreguljära invandrare = irregular immigration = laittomat maahanmuuttajat
* immunitet = immunity = koskemattomuus

GEOGRAPHICAL TERMS: Belgium / Brazil / Greece / Spain / United Kingdom / United States