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1. Kakuli, Geoffrey M. : Judicial co-operation in East Africa, 2004

BIBLIOGRAPHIC LEVEL: part of a serial

Judicial co-operation in East Africa : its history and its future / Kakuli, Geoffrey M.

REFERENCE TO GENERIC UNIT (Periodica): East African journal of peace & human rights : vol. 10; no. 1., p. 34-52. - Kampala : Mekerere University. Human Rights and Peace Center, 2004. - ISSN 1021-8858


* ekonomiskt samarbete = economic co-operation = taloudellinen yhteistyö
* juridiskt samarbete = judicial co-operation = oikeudellinen yhteistyö

GEOGRAPHICAL TERMS: Kenya / Uganda / Tanganyika / East Africa

NOTE (GENERAL): Treaty for the establishment of the East African Community;

2. Trauner, Florian (ed.) : Policy change in the area of freedom, security and justice, 2015


Policy change in the area of freedom, security and justice : How EU institutions matter / Trauner, Florian (ed.) ; Ripoll Servent, Ariadna (ed.), xv, 248 p. - London : Routledge, 2015.

ISBN 978-1-138-78750-6


ABSTRACT: CONTENTS:. 1. Jörg Monar: Setting the context: why EU institutions matter in justice and home affairs. 2. Florian Trauner and Ariadna Ripoll Servent: The analytical framework: EU institutions, policy change and the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice. 3. Ariadna Ripoll Servent and Florian Trauner: Asylum: limited policy change due to new norms of institutional behaviour. 4. Roderick Parkes: Borders: EU institutions fail to reconcile their agendas despite communitarisation. 5. Andrew Geddes: Migration: differential institutionalisation and its effects. 6. Alex Mackenzie, Christian Kaunert and Sarah Leonard: Counter-terrorism: supranational EU institutions seizing windows of opportunity. 7. Monica Den Boer: Police cooperation: a reluctant dance with the supranational EU institutions. 8. Valsamis Mitsilegas and Niovi Vavoula: Criminal law: institutional rebalancing and judicialisation as drivers of policy change. 9. Dora Kostakopoulou: Citizenship and integration: contiguity, contagion and evolution. 10. Paul De Bert and Vagelis Papakonstantinou: Data protection: the EU institutions' battle over data processing vs individual rights. 11. Eva Storskrubb: Civil justice: the contested nature of the scope of EU legislation. 12. Florian Trauner and Sandra Lavenex: A comparative view: understanding and explaining policy change in the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice.

* EU = EU = EU
* asyl = asylum = turvapaikka
* gränskontroll = border control = rajatarkastus
* migration = migration = siirtolaisuus
* counter-terrorism = counter-terrorism = terrorismin vastainen toiminta
* dataskydd = data protection = tietosuoja
* EU-institutioner = EU-institutions = EU-laitokset
* straffrätt = criminal law = rikosoikeus
* Europol = Europol = Europol
* medborgarskap = citizenship (EU) = kansalaisuus
* juridiskt samarbete = judicial co-operation = oikeudellinen yhteistyö