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1. Torremans, Paul L.C. (ed.) : Copyright and human rights, 2004


Copyright and human rights : freedom of expression - intellectual property -privacy / Torremans, Paul L.C. (ed.) - (Information law series ; 18), viii, 181 p.. - Hague : Kluwer Law International, 2004.

ISBN 90-411-2278-8


ABSTRACT: CONTENTS:. Chapter 1. Copyright as a Human Right, by Professor Dr. Paul L.C. Torremans. Chapter 2. Copyright and Freedom of Expression in Canada, by Professor Dr. Ysolde Gendreau. Chapter 3 . Copyrighting Speech: A Trans-Atlantic View, by Dr. Michael D. Birnhack. Chapter 4. Recapturing Liberated Information - The Relationship between the United Kingdom's Freedom of Information Act 2000 and Private Law Restraints on Disclosure, by Jonathan Griffiths. Chapter 5. Fair Dealing and Freedom of Expression, by Patrick Masuyakurima. Chapter 6. Do we have a Right to Speak with Another's Language? Eldred and the Duration of Copyright, by Professor Dr. Wendy Gordon. Chapter 7. 'Holding the Line' - The Relationship between the Public Interest and Remedies Granted or Refused, be it for Breach of Confidence or Copyright, by Alison Firth. Chapter 8. Rights of Privacy, Confidentiality, and Publicity, and Related Rights.

* upphovsrätt = copyright = tekijänoikeus
* informationsfrihet = freedom of information = informaatiovapaus
* yttrandefrihet = freedom of expression = ilmaisuvapaus
* embryologi = embryology = sikiöoppi
* stamceller = stem cells = kantasolut
* religion = religion = uskonto
* rättsstatsprincip = rule of law = oikeusvaltioperiaate
* immaterialrätt = intellectual property rights = immateriaalioikeus
* rätt till undervisning = right to education = oikeus opetukseen


URL http://www.aspenpublishers.com/Product.asp?catalog%5Fname=Aspen&category%5Fname=&product%5Fid=9041122788

2. Bin, Roberto (ed.) : Biotech innovations and fundamental rights, 2012


Biotech innovations and fundamental rights / Bin, Roberto (ed.) ; Lorenzon, Sara ; Lucchi, Nicola, ix, 353 p.. - Heidelberg : Springer, 2012.

ISBN 978-88-470-2031-3


ABSTRACT: CONTTENTS:. PART I: BIOTECH PATENTS:. Introduction, by Paolo Veronesi. 1. The Case against the Privatization of Knowledge : Some Thoughts on the Myriad Genetics Controversy, by Giorgio Resta. 2. Patentability Requirements of Biotech Inventions at the European Patent Office : Ethical Issues, by Giovanni Macchia. 3. The Right to Access the Benefits of Science and Intellectual Property Rights, by Aurora Plomer. 4. "Ownership and Provenance" of Genetic Material in the Rules on Biotechnological Patents, by Rosaria Romano. 5. Biotechnology Patents Norms : Emerging Difficulties, by Cecilia Zorzoli 6. From the Patentability of Living Matter to the Ethics of Biotechnological Innovation : the Person-Body Relationship, by Silvia Zullo. 7. Issues and Rights in DNA-based Inventions, by Nicola Lucchi. PART II: FREEDOM OF SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH IN GENETICS:. 8. Bioethics and Freedom of Scientific Research in Gene Therapy and Stem Cell Biology, by Roberto Gambari and Alessia Finotti. 9. Freedom of Scientific Research in the Field of Genetics, by Roberto Bin. 10. Genetic Testing and Authentication of Paternity after Death of the Putative Father: the Bio-history and Its "Costs", by Giacomo D'Amico. 11. . The Legal Implications of Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis, by llja Richard Pavone. 12. Preimplantation Diagnosis of the Embryo : Legislative Inflexibility in vitro and Attempts at Greater Flexibility in vivo, by Stefano Agosta. 13. Some Ethical and Regulatory Aspects Involved in Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing (DCGT), by Maria Jorqui Azofra. 14. Adjusting the Individualistic Framework of Protection in Human Genetic Research, By Marta Tomasi. 15. Xenotransplantation and Human Rights, by Paola Sobbrio. 16. Pharmacogenetics and Fundamental Rights, by Elena Falletti. 17. Genetic Research and European Integration, by Sara Lorenzon. PART III: GENETIC RESEARCH AND PROTECTION OF INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS:. 18. Genetic Data in Forensic Science : Use, Misuse and Abuse, by Guido Barbujani and Francesca Tassi. 19. Genetic Research and Rights of the People Involved : from an Individual Approach to an Universal Perspective, by Elisa Stefanini. 20. Towards a Genetic Registry Office?, by Ilaria Anna Colussi. 21. Genetic Data Retention and the Italian Discipline of Acquittal : Database Improvement and the Fundamental Rights of the Individual, by Francesco Morelli. 22. Use of Genetic Data for Research Purposes and Consent : Love or Hate? : A Proposal of Balance Taking Account of the "Specific Weight" of the Single Research, by Giulia Vaccari. 23. The habeas data in the Genetic Research : Intrinsic Limits and Threats from Outside, by Monica Alessia Senor. 24. First Observations on the Right to Development Approach to Informed Consent in Medical and Genetic Research, by Lucia Busatta. 25. Genetic Research and Protection of Individual Rights : a First Approach to the French Model, by Elisabetta Pulice. 26. Access to Genetic Resources in the Practices of States, by Andrea Crescenzi.

* genetik = genetics = genetiikka
* immaterialrätt = intellectual property rights = immateriaalioikeus
* stamceller = stem cells = kantasolut
* xenotransplantation = xenotransplantation = ksenotransplantaatio
* grundläggande rättigheter = fundamental rights = perusoikeudet
* rätt till utveckling = right to development = oikeus kehitykseen
* embryologi = embryology = sikiöoppi
* EU = EU = EU
* mänskliga rättigheter = human rights = ihmisoikeudet
* naturrätt = natural rights = luonnonoikeus
* implementering = implementation = toteuttaminen
* biologisk mångfald = biodiversity = biodiversiteetti
* nationell rätt = national law = kansallinen oikeus
* bioetik = bioethics = bioetiikka
* författning/grundlag = constitution = perustuslaki/valtiosääntö

NOTE (GENERAL): UDHR-27; ICESCR-15; EU charter of fundamental rights; Oviedo convention; TFEU; ECHR-10; Additional protocol to the convention on human rights and medicine;

URL http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=1934251