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1. Rakic, Vojin : Theories of Nation Formation and Case Selection: The Meaning of an Alternative Model, 1998

BIBLIOGRAPHIC LEVEL: part of a serial

Theories of Nation Formation and Case Selection: The Meaning of an Alternative Model / Rakic, Vojin

REFERENCE TO GENERIC UNIT (Periodica): Nationalities papers : vol. 26; no. 4., p. 599-776. - New York : Carfax publ., 1998. - ISSN 0090-5992


ABSTRACT: Other articles :. 1. Competing versus Complementary Identities: Ukrainian-Russian Relations and the Loyalties of Russians in Ukraine, by Stephen Shulman. 2. The Kuban' Cossack Revival (1989-1993): The Beginnings of a Cossack National Movement in the North Caucasus Region , by Brian J. Boeck. 3. Environmentalism and Estonia's Independence Movement, by Matthew R. Auer. 4. The Politicization of the Environmental Issue within the Russian Nationalistic Movement, by Dina Zisserman. 5. Social Capital in the Latvian Transition: Trust and Other Managerial Values, by Gundar J. King and J. Thad Barnowe. 6. Nationality Population Distribution, Redistribution and Degree of Separation in Moscow, 1979-1989, by Richard H. Rowland. 7. Russian Federalism: Political, Legal, and Ethnolingual Aspects—A View from the Republic of Bashkortostan, by Ildus G. Ilishev. 8.Pedagogy and Politics: Origins of the Special Conference of 1905 on Primary Education for Non-Russians in the East, by Wayne Dowle.

* ryssar = Russians = venäläiset
* självständighet = independence = itsenäisyys
* miljöskydd = environmental protection = ympäristönsuojelu
* rätt till undervisning = right to education = oikeus opetukseen
* makedonier = Macedonians = makedonialaiset
* montenegrer = Montenegrins = montenegrolaiset
* etniska grupper = ethnic groups = etniset ryhmät