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1. Jones, Jackie (ed.) : The legal protection of women from violence, 2018


The legal protection of women from violence : normative gaps in international law / Jones, Jackie (ed.) ; Manjoo, Rashida (ed.), 228 p. - London : Routledge , 2018.

ISBN 978-1-138-73796-9


ABSTRACT: CONTENTS:. 1. Jackie Jones: The importance of international law and institutions. 2. David L. Richards and Jillienne Haglund: Exploring the consequences of the normative gap in legal protections addressing violence against women. 3. Rashida Manjoo: Normative developments on violence against women in the United Nations system. 4. Nicholas Wasonga Orago and Maria Nassali: The African human rights system: challenges and potential in addressing violence against women in Africa. 5. Jackie Jones: The European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) and the Council of Europe Convention on Violence Against Women and Domestic Violence (Istanbul Convention). 6. Caroline Bettinger-López: Violence against women: normative developments in the Inter-American human rights system. 7. Rashida Manjoo: Closing the normative gap in international law on violence against women: developments, initiatives and possible options.

* kvinnor = women = naiset
* familjevåld = domestic violence = perheväkivalta
* våld = violence = väkivalta
* FN = UN = YK
* CEDAW Committee = CEDAW Committee = CEDAW Committee
* afrikanska kommissioner för människans och folkens rättigheter = African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights = Afrikan ihmisoikeustoimikunta
* interamerikanska kommissionen för de mänskliga rättigheterna = Inter-American Commission on Human Rights = inter-amerikkalainen ihmisoikeustoimikunta
* interamerikanska domstolen för de mänskliga rättigheterna = Inter-American Court of Human Rights = inter-amerikkalainen ihmisoikeustuomioistuin
* specialrapportör = special rapporteur = erityisraportoija

NOTE (GENERAL): Istanbul convention; ECHR; CEDAW; Protocol on the rights of women in Africa; Convention of Belem Do Para