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1. Brems, Eva (ed.) : Children's rights law in the global human rights landscape, 2017


Children's rights law in the global human rights landscape : isolation, inspiration, integration? / Brems, Eva (ed.) ; Desmet, Ellen (ed.) ; Vandenhole, Wouter (ed.), 312 p. - London : Routledge, 2017.

ISBN 978-1-138-63901-0


ABSTRACT: CONTENTS:. Eva Brems, Ellen Desmet and Wouter Vandenhole: Children's rights law and human rights law: analysing present and possible future interactions. PART I: THE BROADER RELEVANCE OF FEATURES OF CHILDREN'S RIGHTS LAW. 1. Wouter Vandenhole: Distinctive characteristics of children's human rights law. 2. Helen Stalford: The broader relevance of features of children's rights law: the 'best interests of the child' principle. 3. Laura Lundy and Bronagh Byrne: The four general principles of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child: the potential value of the approach in other areas of human rights law. 4. Roberta Ruggiero, Diana Volonakis and Karl Hanson: The inclusion of 'third parties': the status of parenthood in the Convention on the Rights of the Child. PART II: INSPIRATION FOR CHILDREN'S RIGHTS FROM CATEGORICAL HUMAN RIGHTS. 5. Eva Brems: Lessons for children's rights from women's rights? Emancipation rights as a distinct category of human rights. 6. Ralph Sandland: Lessons for children's rights from disability rights?. 7. Ellen Desmet: Inspiration for children's rights from indigenous peoples' rights. 8. Ann-Katrin Habbig, Alexander Hoefmans and Paul De Hert: What young and old can learn from each other: cross-fertilization between existing human rights law for children and developing human rights law for older persons. PART III: THE INTERPLAY BETWEEN CHILDREN'S RIGHTS LAW AND HUMAN RIGHTS LAW IN THEMATIC AREAS. 9. Titia Loenen: Towards an integrated approach to intra-family relations under the CRC and CEDAW: some reflections. 10. Ivana Isailovic: Children's rights and LGBTI persons' rights: some thoughts on their 'integration'. 11. Julie Ryngaert and Wouter Vandenhole: Undocumented migration: integrating the children's rights concept of nuanced vulnerability in human rights law. 12. Eva Lievens: Children's rights and media: imperfect but inspirational. 13. Danielle van Kalmthout: Out of isolation: a claim for explicit attention for children in the movement towards recognition of an environmental right. 14. Gamze Erdem Türkelli: Children's rights in business and human rights: from the sidelines to the centre field?

* barn = children = lapset
* barnets rättigheter = rights of the child = lapsen oikeudet
* barnets bästa = best interests of the child = lapsen etu
* föräldrar = parents = vanhemmat
* föräldrarskap = parenthood = vanhemmuus
* kvinnor = women = naiset
* handikappade = disabled persons = vammaiset
* ursprungsfolk = indigenous peoples = alkuperäiskansat
* de äldres rätt = rights of the elderly = vanhempien ihmisten oikeudet
* familj = family = perhe
* sexuella minoriteter = sexual minorities = seksuaaliset vähemmistöt
* HBTQ personer = LGBT persons = LHBT-henkilöt
* papperslösa personer = undocumented persons = paperittomat henkilöt
* utsatta grupper = vulnerable groups = riskialttiit ryhmät
* rätt till en sund miljö = right to environmental quality = oikeus puhtaaseen ympäristöön
* multinationella bolag = transnational corporations (TNC) = monikansalliset yritykset