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The Projekt database

List of database fields

  Field name    Comment
  ------------- --------------------------
  ED            Entry date
  MD            Modification date
  USR           Updated by
  CODE          Project code
  ABF           Abf code
  AO            Field
  TI            Project name
  TIA           Abbreviation of project name
  TIE           Project name (in English)
  SD            Starting date
  ZD            Expected ending date
  OG            Organization (in Swedish)
  OGE           Organization (in English)
  FC            Faculty (in Swedish)
  FCA           Abbreviation of faculty (in Swedish)
  FCE           Faculty (in English)
  DP            Department (in Swedish)
  DPE           Department (in English)
  SA            Street address
  PA            Postal address
  PN            Phone number
  FN            Fax number
  EA            E-mail address
  CI0SN         Project leader; surname
  CI0CN         Project leader; Christian name
  CI0OR         Project leader; Organization
  CI0PO         Project leader; position in organization (in Swedish)
  CI0DG         Project leader; academic degree
  CI0SX         Project leader; sex 0=Male 1=Female
  CI0SD         Project leader; starting date
  CI0ED         Project leader; ending date
  CISN          Researcher; surname
  CICN          Researcher; Christian name
  CIDG          Researcher; academic degree
  CISX          Researcher; sex 0=Male 1=Female
  CISD          Researcher; starting date
  CIED          Researcher; ending date
  TY            Type of research
  BR            Basic research %
  AR            Applied research %
  DW            Developmental work %
  AF            ÅA internal financing; FIM
  FO            Finnish funding organization, location
  PR            Research Programme
  EF            Finnish external financing; FIM
  FFO           Foreign funding organization, location
  FPR           Research Programme
  FEF           Foreign financing
  FEFC          Foreign financing; currency
  MM            Man months; total
  CO            Partner; organization, country
  OD            Ordered by; organization, country
  RF            Network contacts to other research projects
  AB            Abstract (in Swedish)
  ABE           Abstract (in English)
  KOTA          Kota classification code
  ALLARS        Allärs index words
  YSA           YSA index words
  CERIF         Common European Research Information Format; Cerif
                classification code
  SPINES        Spines index words
  KW            Keywords (in Swedish)
  KWE           Keywords (in English)
  RM            Remarks
  MMCY          Man months; current year
  CY            Current year