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From Curriculum Policy to Classroom Practice in Developing Countries: A multidisciplinary Case-study of Education in Tanzania.

Date: 1.8.1996-31.12.2002
Code: K4706
Department: Åbo Akademi University / Faculty of Education (PF), Dept. of Teacher Education
Address: Kyrkoesplanaden 11-13/ PB 311, FIN-65101 Vasa
Phone +358-6-3247 326
Fax +358-6-3247 302
E-mail shansen@abo.fi
Project leader: PeD, FD Sven-Erik Hansen, professor (1.8.1996-31.12.2002)
Researchers: PeL Lars-Erik Malmberg (1.8.1996-31.12.2002)
PeM Monica Styrman (1.9.1998-31.12.2002)
PhD Suleman Sumra (1.1.1998-31.12.2002)
PhD Alan Peacock (1.1.1998-31.12.2002)
GyD Ulla Lahtinen (1.1.1998-31.12.2002)
FD Kaj Sjöholm (1.1.1998-31.12.2002)
Type of research: 2 (0=Within duty, 1=Ordered research, 2=Co-operation)
- basic research 50 %
- applied research 50 %
Man months: Totally: 60 months
Partners: University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania University of Exeter, England
Keywords: läroplaner, utvecklingsländer, opetussuunnitelmat, kehitysmaat, läroplan, läroplanspolicy, beslutsprocess, specialundervisning, självuppfattning, curriculum, curriculum policy, decision making process, special education, self-concept,

The research project is part of the TEPT [Teacher Education project in Tanzania] which consists of four parts: 1.Teacher Education program.[Bachelor of Education, Master of Education] partly in co-operation with the University of Dar es Salaam.The first Bachelor s course started in 1995.In August 1997 were 16 student teachers graduated [BEd].The second Bachelor s course [n.18] started in August 1997 and will be completed in late 1999.The third Bachelor s course and the first Master s course start in late 1999. 2.Research.A research project has started and a doctoral program will be offered.The aim of the research project is to: investigate factors influencing educational policy making in Tanzania and its consequences on the curriculum program making investigate how the curriculum program making is organized and its consequences for the level of practice investigate how schools and teachers use the curriculum in their practice and its consequences from the students point of view, and investigate the interaction between the policy making level [1], the program making level [2] and the level of practice [3].The project is divided into five subprojects: [1] Tanzanian curriculum policy [2] Teachers implementation of curriculum as classroom practice [3] Tanzanian students self-concepts [4] Special education in Tanzania [5] Teacher education as policy and practice: A case study of the evaluation of the TEPT-project at Morogoro Teacher s College.The project is a large scale project which involves researchers and research assistants from three universities [Åbo Akademi University, University of Exeter, School of Education and The University of Dar es Salaam].The project started in small scale in 1996 and will, depending on funding, continue to 2002. 3.Continuing education.Parallelly to the teacher education programme courses in continuing education are arranged for teachers in primary and secondary schools under the supervision of Åbo Akademi university.Graduated from the TEPT-project serve as tutors. 4.Organizational development.The long term aim is to integrate the TEPT-project activities in a Faculty of Education [or Faculty of Social Science] which hopefully could be established at the University of Sokoine, Morogoro.


27.3.1996 / 10.3.1998