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Lexical Facilities in Finnish in the 7th School Year

Date: 1.1.1997-31.12.1998
Code: 2479
Department: Åbo Akademi University / Faculty of Education (PF), Dept. of Teacher Education
Address: Kyrkoesplanaden 11-13/ PB 311, FIN-65101 Vasa
Phone +358-6-3247 374
Fax +358-6-3247 320
E-mail magranho@abo.fi
Project leader: FD Maija Grönholm, bitr.prof. (1.1.1997-31.12.1998)
Type of research: 1 (0=Within duty, 1=Ordered research, 2=Co-operation)
- applied research 100 %
Finnish funding organizations: Utbildningsstyrelsen, Helsingfors () FIM 50000
Man months: Totally: 9 months
Keywords: språkinlärning, finska, språkkunskap, kielen omaksuminen, suomen kieli, kielitaito, inlärning av andraspråkslexikon, formell språkinlärning och undervisning, second language lexical acquisition, the formal language learning and teaching,

The subject of my study comprises pupils in their seventh year of comprehensive school.The objective of the study is to find out their command of the Finnish vocabulary.For this study, we have chosen 12 schools in different parts of Swedish-speaking Finland, both in areas with a very strong Swedish majority and in bilingual areas.We can then draw conculusions on the ability of Swedish-speaking pupils who are primarily dependent on the formal school teaching to learn the Finnish vocabulary.


27.3.1996 / 16.3.1998