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Curriculum in development

Date: 1.3.1993-31.12.1996
Code: 2444
Department: Åbo Akademi University / Faculty of Education (PF), Dept. of Teacher Education
Address: Kyrkoesplanaden 11-13/ PB 311, FIN-65101 Vasa
Phone +358-6-3247 349
Fax +358-6-3247 302
Project leader: PeD Sven-Erik Hansen, t.f. professor (1.3.1993-31.12.1996)
Researchers: FD Claes-Göran Wenestam (1.3.1993-31.12.1996)
PeM Maj-Len Swanljung (1.3.1993-31.12.1996)
Type of research: 1 (0=Within duty, 1=Ordered research, 2=Co-operation)
- developmental work 100 %
Finnish funding organizations: Utbildningsstyrelsen, Helsingfors () FIM 50000
Man months: Totally: 11 months
Ordered by: Utbildningsstyrelsen, Helsingfors
Keywords: läroplan, lärare, opetussuunnitelmat, opettajat, läroplan, skolutveckling, curriculum, school development,

The Finnish curriculum reform started in 1992.The new curriculum should mainly reflect the needs of the local community and schools.Each school was asked to set up its own curriculum.The National Board of Education gave the superordinarie frames, like general goals and directives.A few schools were chosen to be pilot school. -In this study some aspects of the way new currucula were developed among the pilot school is presented.Focus is on the teachers readyness and competence to carry out the development of the curricula. -The presentation is based on longitudinal empirical study where teachers have been interviewed at several occasions during the process.Central is the teachers description of their experience growth in awareness and competence.


27.3.1996 / 24.2.1998