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The Case of Humanism in the Theology of Torsten Bohlin

Date: 1.1.1995-30.9.1996
Code: 2361
Department: Åbo Akademi University / Faculty of Theology (TF), Dept. of Systematic Theology
Address: Biskopsgatan 16, FIN-20500 Åbo
Phone +358-2-2154 639
Fax +358-2-2154 835
E-mail Mikael.Lindfelt@abo.fi
Project leader: TL Mikael Lindfelt, forskningsassistent (1.1.1995-30.9.1996)
Type of research: 0 (0=Within duty, 1=Ordered research, 2=Co-operation)
- basic research 100 %
Finnish funding organizations: Finlands Akademi () FIM
Man months: Totally: 31 months
Keywords: humanism, Bohlin, Torsten, humanismi, Bohlin, Torsten, kristen humanism, fundamentalteologi, religiös antropologi, människovardandets teologi, christian humanism, fundamental theological principles, religious anthropology, existentialistic theology,

The basic idea of this thesis is to show, by a structural analytical method, how the relationship between Bohlin's theology and his Christian humanism is expressed in his theological thought.I will point to that which is characteristic in Bohlin's theological position, in order to relate it to the Christian humanism.The question whether Bohlin's theology contains definitive choices and emphases, which would allow the development of a Christian humanism, has been decisive for the task of this thesis.Another such question asks whether or not Christian humanism would be a kind of summary of Bohlin's theology; or whether the central emphases of humanism are involved from the very beginning as a kind of regulating principle.In other words, the role of the structural analytical method has been of help in this study in showing how the basic structures in Bohlin's theology stand in a coherent relationship to Christian humanism.The work is prefaced with four main clauses.The first clause gives a historical-genetical background to Bohlin's theology.In the second clause I discuss Bohlin's fundamental theological premises in order to show what is characteristic to his theology.In the third clause I'll discuss Bohlin's central ethical refections and the religious anthropology, which he developed.The point of the third clause is partially to investigate how the central ethical reflections and the religious anthropology relate to Bohlin's fundamental theological premises; and partially to investigate how the central, general humanist values and emphases are expressed in the way Bohlin treats this field.In the fourth clause I will discuss various philisophical debates, in which Bohlin took part.The aim here is to present Bohlin's Christian humanism in relation to profane humanism.


22.3.1996 / 6.5.1997