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Investigation of New Technologies for Reduction of N2O Emission from CFB Combustion (ECSC, Project No. 7220-ED-087.)

Date: 1.7.1997-30.6.1999
Code: 7773
Department: Åbo Akademi University / Faculty of Chemical Engineering (KTF), Combustion Chemistry Research Group of ÅAU
Address: Lemminkäinengatan 14 - 18 B, FIN-20510 Åbo
Phone +358-2-2154 681
Fax +358-2-2154 780
E-mail pkilpine@abo.fi
Project leader: TkD Mikko Hupa, professor (1.7.1997-30.6.1999)
TkD Pia Kilpinen, (1.7.1997-30.6.1999)
Researchers: TkL Sirpa Kallio (1.7.1997-30.6.1999)
Type of research: 1 (0=Within duty, 1=Ordered research, 2=Co-operation)
- developmental work 100 %
Man months: Totally: 96 months
Partners: Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden; Technical University of Denmark, Denmark; Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg, Germany; Instituto Nacional de Engenharia e Technologia Industrial (INETI), Portugal.
Keywords: förbränningsteknik, avfallsgaser, rökgaser, utsläpp, polttotekniikka, jätekaasut, savukaasut, päästöt, förbränning, förgasning, forskningsprogram, combustion, gasification, research programme,

This work belongs to a larger international project funded by the European Coal and Steel Community.The partners participating in the project are Chalmers University of Technology, Technical University of Denmark, Technical University of Hamburg-Haarburg, Instituto Nacional de Engenharia e Technologia Industrial (INETI), and Åbo Akademi University.The objective of ÅAU is to develop an advanved mathematical tool for investigation of gaseous emission formation in circulating fluidized bed combustion.The main emphasis is on nitrogen oxides (NOx, N2O), but also unburned gases (CO; CxHy) and sulphur dioxide (SO2) will be investigated on a longer run.The mathematical model will be based on a detailed description of homogeneous and heterogeneous chemistry on an elementary reaction level.The fluid dynamics will be described by a 1.5-dimensional model.


1.10.1996 / 17.6.1998