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Synthesis of fluorescent nucleoside derivatives and their incorporation in oligonucleotides (FluNuc)

Date: 1.1.1999-31.12.2002
Code: 8692
Department: Åbo Akademi University / Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (MNF), Dept. of Organic Chemistry
Address: Biskopsgatan 8, FIN-20500 Åbo
Phone +358-2-2154 134
Fax +358-2-2154 866
E-mail rainer.sjoholm@abo.fi
Project leader: FD Rainer Sjöholm, Doc. Överassistent (1.1.1999-31.12.2002)
Researchers: FD Leif Kronberg (1.1.1999-31.12.2002)
Type of research: 0 (0=Within duty, 1=Ordered research, 2=Co-operation)
- basic research 50 %
- applied research 50 %
ŇA internal financing: FIM 50000
Man months: 13 months in 1999; Totally: 52 months
Partners: Prof.Harri Lönnberg, TY, Finland FM Harri Salo, TY, Finland FD Harri Siitari, Wallac Ab, Finland
Keywords: diagnostik, biofarmaci, farmaci, diagnostiikka, biofarmasia, farmasia, fluorescens, nucleosides,

The project is concerning the development of synthetic methods for the preparation of fluorescent nucleosides from reactions of nucleosides with non-fluorescent reagents, the synthesis of fluorescent nucleoside phosphoramidite monomers and their incorporation into oligonucleotides for applications in the pharmaceutical and diagnostics industry.The objectives of the research project will be achieved by the combination of advanced organic synthesis and modern structural analysis.


16.2.1996 / 19.3.1999