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No 7 / 62

Size reversal in alkaline papermaking

Date: 1.8.1993-1.3.1996
Code: 17722
Department: Åbo Akademi University / Faculty of Chemical Engineering (KTF), Laboratory of Paper Chemistry
Address: Porthansgatan 3, FIN-20500 Åbo
Phone +358-2-2154 625
Fax +358-2-2516 757
Project leader: TkD Dan Eklund, professor (1.8.1993-)
Researchers: DI Petteri Voutilainen (1.8.1993-)
DI Fredrik Ohde (1.2.1994-30.10.1995)
Type of research: 1 (0=Within duty, 1=Ordered research, 2=Co-operation)
- basic research 70 %
- applied research 30 %
Finnish funding organizations: Raisio Chemicals Oy () FIM
Man months: Totally: 53 months
Keywords: massatillverkning, lim, forskning, massanvalmistus, liimat, tutkimus, AKD, calciumcarbonat, limflykt, adsorption, limning, cellulosa, mekanisk massa, alkaline papermaking, sizing,

In neutral papermaking, AKD sizing has raised contraversial opinions.Most of the discussions concern the possible reactions of AKD.In this study the adsorption of AKD is more closely considered.Proper adsorption is a prerequisite for a succesful sizing.A good knowledge of the adsorption behavior is a tool to optimize the AKD dosage on the papermachine.Another subject which has raised a vivid discussion is size reversion.An investigation of the different filler properties as well as the paper making conditions was performed.


21.2.1996 / 22.2.1996