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Reproduction disturbances in Baltic fish (Reproduktionsstörningar hos fisk)

Date: 1.1.1995-
Code: 6615
Department: Åbo Akademi University / Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (MNF), The Institute of Parasitology
Address: BioCity, Artillerigatan 6, FIN-20520 Åbo
Phone +358-2-2154 301
Fax +358-2-2154 748
E-mail gbylund@abo.fi
Project leader: FD Göran Bylund, Föreståndare, forskare (1.1.1995-)
Researchers: FK Mikael Vennström (1.1.1995-)
Type of research: 0 (0=Within duty, 1=Ordered research, 2=Co-operation)
- basic research 70 %
- applied research 30 %
Man months: Totally: 15 months
Partners: Vilt- och fiskeriforskningsinstitutet Ålands landskapsstyrelse
Contacts: Projektet är en del av ett större forskningsprojekt: Fisksjukdomar som indikatorer på vattenkvalitet
Keywords: fisk, förökning, Östersjön, kala, lisääntyminen, Itämeri, reproduktionsstörningar, M-74, tiamin-brist, C-vitamin-brist, reproduction disturbances, M-74, thiamine deficiency, C-vitamine deficiency,

Reduced reproduction capacity has been recorded in several fish species in the Baltic sea during recent years.This concerns for example Atlantic Salmon (M-74 syndrome) and northern pike.In several projects we are trying to elicidate and evaluate factors which can influence on the reproductive capacity of fish.The attention is mainly focused on diet factors (thiamin/thiaminase, C-vitamin etc.) and on ecological factors which can have influence on the survival of fish fry in our coastal waters.


15.2.1996 / 19.2.1996