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1. Benedek, Wolfgang [... et al.] : European yearbook on human rights 2010, 2010


European yearbook on human rights 2010 / Benedek, Wolfgang [... et al.] ; Kettemann, Matthias (ass.ed.), 358 p.. - Wien : Neuer Wissenschaftlicher Verlag, 2010.

ISBN 978-3-0783-0688-9


ABSTRACT: I : TOPICS OF THE YEAR:. 1. Thomas HAMMARBERG: Respecting the Rights of Migrants in Today’s Europe: A Call for Action. 2. Manfred NOWAK: The Development of Human Rights in Europe after the End of the Cold War. 3. Florence BENOÎT-ROHMER: Completing the Transformation: Values and Fundamental Rights in the Treaty of Lisbon. 4. Gerald STABEROCK: Time to Take Stock and Undo the Damage? Reflections on Counter-Terrorism and Human Rights. II. EUROPEAN UNION:. 1. Wolfgang BENEDEK: EU Action on Human and Fundamental Rights in 2009. 2. Hannes TRETTER and Anna MÜLLER-FUNK: The European Agency for Fundamental Rights in 2009: Opportunities, Responsibilities and Prospects. 3. Jean Paul JACQUÉ: Les droits fondamentaux dans le Traité de Lisbonne. 4. Michael REITERER: Human Rights as Part of the EU Foreign Policy After Lisbon: In Defence of Western Values and Influence?. 5. Markus MÖSTL: Mainstreaming Human Rights in the Common Security and Defence Policy: Reality or Catchphrase?. 6. Davide ZARU and Maria ZUBER: The EU as a Party of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities: Implications for the Coherence of Internal and External EU Human Rights Policies. 7. Theodor RATHGEBER: Ambiguity as a Main Feature: The UN Human Rights Council in 2009. III. COUNCIL OF EUROPE:. 1. Philip CZECH: Widening the Scope of Application? The European Court of Human Rights’ Case-Law on Jurisdiction in 2009. 2. Brigitte OHMS: The Coming into Force of Protocol No. 14 and the Short but Very Successful Life of Protocol No. 14bis to the European Convention on Human Rights. 3. Agnieszka SZKLANNA: The Impact of the Pilot Judgment Procedure of the European Court of Human Rights on the Execution of Its Judgments. 4. Andrew DRZEMCZEWSKI and James GAUGHAN: Implementing Strasbourg Court Judgments: the Parliamentary Dimension. 5. Rory OfCONNELL: Only Partial Neglect? Developments in the Case-Law of the European Court of Human Rights on Socio-Economic Rights of Non-Nationals. 6. Joachim RENZIKOWSKI: Coming to Terms with One's Past: the Strasbourg Court's Recent Case-Law on Article 7 ECHR and Retroactive Criminal Liability. 7. Franziska KLOPFER: Towards Greater Freedom of Expression and Information Online: Recent Standard-Setting Practice of the Council of Europe. 8. Emma LANTSCHNER: Evolution and Value of the Thematic Commentaries of the Advisory Committee of the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities. IV OSCE:. 1. Bernhard KNOLL and Jens-Hagen ESCHENBACHER: Human Rights and Security in the OSCE Region in 2009. 2. Christian STROHAL: Alive. And Well? The Need for a Stronger Peer Engagement in the OSCE. 3. Zenet MUJI: The OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media . an Intergovernmental Watchdog: an Oxymoron?. V. Civil Society/NGOs/Cross-Cutting Issues: 1. Sihem BENSEDRINE: Les valeurs democratiques europeennes a l'epreuve de la realpolitik: les accords d'association Tunisie-UE - modele ou caricature. 2. Matthias C. KETTEMANN: Internet Governance and Human Rights in Europe: Towards a Synthetic. Approach.

* gästarbetare = migrant workers = vierastyöläiset
* mänskliga rättigheter = human rights = ihmisoikeudet
* counter-terrorism = counter-terrorism = counter-terrorism
* EU = EU = EU
* utrikespolitik = foreign policy = ulkopolitiikka
* CSDP = CSDP (Common Security and Defence Policy) = CSDP
* Europarådet = Council of Europe = Euroopan Neuvosto
* rättsfall/rättspraxis = cases/case law = oikeustapaukset/oikeuskäytäntö
* nationella minoriteter = national minorities = kansalliset tuomioistuimet
* implementering = implementation = toteuttaminen
* ESK-rättigheter = ESC rights = TSS-oikeudet
* icke-diskriminering = non-discrimination = syrjintäkielto
* socialskydd = social security = sosiaaliturva
* rätt till arbete = right to work = oikeus työhön
* förbud mot retroaktiv lagstiftning = freedom from retroactive legislation = takautuvan lainsäädännön kielto
* brott mot mänskligheten = crimes against humanity = rikos ihmisyyttä vastaan
* rätt till undervisning = right to education = oikeus opetukseen
* hatpropaganda = hate speech = vihapropaganda
* valobservation = election observation = vaalitarkkailu
* val = elections = vaalit
* mänsklig dimension = human dimension = inhimillinen ulottuvuus
* yttrandefrihet = freedom of expression = ilmaisuvapaus
* tidig varning = early warning = aikainen varoitus
* Afrikanska unionen = African Union = Afrikan unioni
* internationella brottmålsdomstolen = International Criminal Court (ICC) = kansainvälinen rikostuomioistuin
* internationell humanitär rätt = international humanitarian law = kansainvälinen humanitaarinen oikeus


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