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1. Andenas, Mads : European Economic and Monetary Union, 1997

BIBLIOGRAPHIC LEVEL: monograph series

European Economic and Monetary Union : the institutional framework / Andenas, Mads - (International banking and finance law ; vol. 6), xxxix, 565 p.. - Hague : Kluwer Law, 1997.

ISBN 90-411-0687-1


ABSTRACT: Contents and Contributors:. Foreword; C.C. Lichtenstein. I: The Community Institutions and the Transition to EMO. 1. The Transition to EMU; C.A.E. Goodhart. 2. Legal Aspects of the Changeover to a Single Currency; H. Wittelsberger. 3. Ins and Outs of EMU: No Grounds for Discrimination; C.S. Kerse. 4. The Transition to Stage Three: Impact on the Financial Markets; D.R.R. Dunnett. 5. The Change to a Single Currency: Legal Problems and Solutions; C. Bamford. 6. The Improvement of the European Payment Systems: Crucial Tools for the Achievement of the Single Currency; P. Clarotti. II: Monetary and Macroeconomic Policy in the EMU. 7. EMU in Perspective; Sir Simon Brittan. 8. Monetary Policy Strategies for the European Central Bank and their Implementation; C. Berg. 9. The European Constitutional Framework for Member States' Public Finances; I. Harden, et al. 10. The Separation of Monetary and Fiscal Policy in Stage Three of EMU; C.T. Taylor. 11. The Excessive Deficit Procedure: A Legal Description; A. Italianer. 12. Towards a Credible Excessive Deficit Procedure; D. Gros. 13. Sound Public Finances and Fiscal Targets; S. Matthews. 14. National Debt Boards: An Institutional Route to Fiscal Discipline; I. Harden, J. von Hagen. III: The European Central Bank. 15. European Monetary Union and Central Bank Independence; R.M. Lastra. 16. Independence and Accountability of the European Central Bank; J. de Haan, L. Gormley. 17. Between Domestic Democracy and an Alien Rule of Law? Some Thoughts on the `Independence' of the Bank of England; T. Daintith. 18. Banking Supervision, the Internal Market and European Monetary Union; M. Andenas, C. Hadjiemmanuil. 19. Banking Supervision and Lender of Last Resort in EMU; D. Schoenmaker.

* ECB = ECB (European Central Bank) = EKP