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1. Hick, Steven (ed. by) : Human rights and the Internet, 2000


Human rights and the Internet / Hick, Steven (ed. by) ; Halpin, Edward F. (ed.) ; Hoskins, Eric (ed.) ; foreword by Mary Robinson, xviii, 257 p.. - London : Macmillan Press, 2000.

ISBN 0-333-77733-6


ABSTRACT: PART I: PERSPECTIVES OF HUMAN RIGHTS ON THE INTERNET: 1. Introduction, by E.Halpin, S.Hick & E.Hoskins. 2. The Mouse is Mightier than the Swordby L. Axworthy. 3. The European Parliament and Human Rights on the Internet, by G. Ford. 4. Human Rights NGOs: Our Love Hate Relationship with the Internet, by P. Whaley. PART II : ONLINE HUMAN RIGHTS ACTIVISM: 5. Rebel Internet: Human Rights and the New Technology, by W. Sharpe. 6. Internet Solidarity: Grassroots Movement Struggles for Human Rights, by A. Teplinsky & S. Hick. 7. Doing Human Rights Online: The Derechos' Cyberbirth, by M. Katz & M. Lacabe. 8. Information Overload: How Increased Information Flows Affect the Work of the Human Rights Movement, by E. Sottas & B. Schonveld. PART III : HUMAN RIGHTS AROUND THE WORLD ON THE INTERNET:. 9. The Internet in Africa: A Turning Point in the Struggle for Human Rights, by J. Gauthier. 10. Human Rights and the Internet in South America, by A. Pacheco. 11. Human Rights and the Internet in Europe, by G. Lane. 12. Human Rights on the Internet in Asia: Promoting the Case of East Timor on the Internet, by S.Scharge. PART IV: USES and ABUSES OF THE INTERNET:. 13. Hate on the Internet, by K. Mock. 14. The Internet and International Children's Rights, by M. Hecht & R.Neufeld. 15. Women's Voices Against the War: The Internet in the Fight for Human Rights During the War in the Former Yugoslavia, by D. Knezevic. 16. Reflections on the Colour of the Internet, by L. Roth. PART V: CURRENT ISSUES AND FUTURE TRENDS: 17. Privacy, Free Speech and Community: Applying Human Rights Law to Cyberspace, by V. Steeves. 18. Political Control and the Internet, by S. Wright. 19. Communication, Human Rights and Cyberspace, by M. Conley & C. Patterson. 20. Human Rights Education and the Internet: Its Day Has Come, by R.P. Claude & S.Hick. 21. Information : an Essential Tool for Human Rights Work, by E. Halpin & S. Hick.

* strafflag = criminal law = rikoslaki
* pornografi = pornography = pornografia
* barn = children = lapset
* barnpornografi = child pornography = lapsipornografia
* censur = censorship = sensuuri
* Europarådet = Council of Europe = Euroopan Neuvosto
* dataskydd = data protection = tietosuoja
* rätt till undervisning = right to education = oikeus opetukseen
* yttrandefrihet = freedom of expression = ilmaisuvapaus
* globalisering = globalization = globalisaatio
* undervisning om mänskliga rättigheter = human rights teaching = ihmisoikeuksien opettaminen
* internationella brottmålsdomstolen = international criminal court (ICC) = kansainvälinen rikostuomioistuin
* landminor = landmines = maamiinat
* minoritetsgrupper = minority groups = vähemmistöryhmät
* rätt till privatliv = right to privacy = oikeus yksityiselämään
* rasism = racism = rasismi
* CAT Committee = CAT Committee = CAT Committee
* internationella tribunalen för krigsförbrytelser = international tribunal on war crimes (ICTY) = kansainvälinen sotarikostuomioistuin
* kvinnor = women = naiset
* OMCT = OMCT (World Organisation Against Torture) = OMCT

NOTE (GENERAL): Canadian charter of rights and freedoms; UN charter; CRC; ICCPR; UDHR;