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1. Oduntan, Gbenga : Sovereignty and jurisdiction in the airspace and outer space, 2012


Sovereignty and jurisdiction in the airspace and outer space : legal criteria for spatial delimitation / Oduntan, Gbenga - (Routledge rersearch in international law), xxxiv, 369 p.. - New York : Routledge, 2012.

ISBN 978-0-415-56212-6


ABSTRACT: CONTENTS:. 1. Preliminary Considerations: Sovereignty, Jurisdiction and Control in International Law. 2. Aspects of Sovereignty and Jurisdiction Over the Seas. 3. Aspects of Sovereignty and Jurisdiction in Polar Regions and in Antarctica. 4. The Legal Status of the Airspace. 5. Jurisdiction Over Crimes in the Airspace and on Board Aircraft. 6. Jurisdiction and Control in the Airspace Over International Spaces. 7. Sovereignty and Trespass in Territorial Airspace. 8. Jurisdiction and Control in Outer Space. 9. Legality of The Common Heritage of Mankind Principle in Space Law. 10. Utilisation Regime Over Space Based Resources: Analogies from the International Seabed Regime and Antarctica. 11. Jurisdiction and Control Rationae Instrumenti and Rationae Personnae in Outerspace. 12. Aspects of Sovereignty and Jurisdiction in the Delimitation of the Seas.

* rymdforskning = space research = avaruustutkimus
* rymdturism = space tourism = avaruusturismi
* terrorism = terrorism = terrorismi
* EU-rätt = EU law = EU-oikeus
* flygkapning = hijacking = lentokonekaappaus
* nationalitet = nationality = kansallisuus
* suveränitet = sovereignty = suvereniteetti
* rymdrätt = space law = avaruusoikeus

NOTE (GENERAL): Geneva convention on the continental shelf; Geneva convention on the territorial sea; Tokyo convention; Vienna convention on consular relations; Charter of economic rights and duties of states; Montreal convention;

URL http://www.routledge.com/books/details/9780415562126/