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1. Wright, Richard A. (ed.) : Encyclopedia of criminology, 2005

BIBLIOGRAPHIC LEVEL: monograph series

Encyclopedia of criminology : volume 1-3 / Wright, Richard A. (ed.) ; Miller, J. Mitchell, xxxii, 1900 p.. - New York : Routledge, 2005.

ISBN 1-57958-387-3


ABSTRACT: CONTENTS:. History of Criminology: Important early developments and innovations in criminology and major justice system events that impacted policy and practice . History of Legal and Criminal Justice Traditions: The social, cultural, and historical origins of specific practices and their influence on contemporary legal practice. Criminal Law: Originations of laws, their evolution, and current status and impact within the criminal justice system . Types of Criminal Behavior: Major forms of criminal activity and the policy initiatives taken to prevent these offences and punish offenders . Correlates of Criminal Behavior: The various factors that cause or are associated with crime . Victimization: Leading theories and empirical research on victims of crime . Measures of Crime: Overviews of the different methods used to determine crime rates . Theories of Criminal Behavior: Theoretical traditions and specific explanations of crime reviewed by a multidisciplinary approach . The Justice System: The major components, processes, and agencies that comprise the criminal and juvenile justice systems . Cross-Cultural and Global Crime and Justice: The extent and types of criminal behavior and crime control responses in specific nations and larger areas of the world in contemporary and historical context . Professional Issues: Topics related to criminal justice practice and criminology such as occupation entries that provide practical information about criminal justice careers and educational programs . Prominent Figures in Criminology and Criminal Justice: Major contributions of pioneers and other influential figures in criminology and criminal justice . Providing the most up-to-date scholarship in addition to the traditional theories on criminology, the Encyclopedia of Criminology is the essential one-stop reference for students and scholars alike to explore the broad expanse of this multidisciplinary field.

* straffrätt = criminal justice = rikosoikeus
* kriminologi = criminology = kriminologia

URL http://www.routledge-ny.com/ref/criminology/index.html

2. Dubber, Markus D. (ed.) : The Oxford handbook of criminal law, 2014


The Oxford handbook of criminal law / Dubber, Markus D. (ed.) ; Hörnle, Tatjana (ed.), 1203 p. - Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2014.

ISBN 978-0-19-967359-9


ABSTRACT: CONTENTS:. 1. Mariana Valverde and Pat O'Malley: Criminology. 2. Bennett Capers: Critical race theory. 3. Talia Fisher: Economic analysis of criminal law. 4. Prabha Kotiswaran: Feminist approaches to criminal law. 5. James Q. Whitman: The transition to modernity. 6. Simon Stern: Law and literature. 7. Leo Zaibert: Philosophy. 8. Galia Schneebaum and Shai J. Lavi: Criminal law and sociology. 9. Mireille Hildebrandt: Criminal law and technology in a data-driven society. 10. Heikki Pihlajamäki and Mia Korpiola: Medieval canon law: the origins of modern criminal law. 11. Val Napoleon and Hadley Friedland: Indigenous legal traditions: roots to renaissance. 12. Silvia Tellenbach: Islamic criminal law. 13. Arnold Enker: Jewish law. 14. Stephen C. Thaman: Marxist and Soviet law. 15. Rain Liivoja: Military justice. 16. Emmanuel Melissaris: Theories of crime and punishment. 17. Lidsay Farmer: Codification. 18. Alejandro Chehtman: Jurisdiction. 19. Benjamin I. Berger: Constitutional principles. 20. Vincent Chiao: Acts and actus reus. 21. Carl-Friedrich Stuckenberg: Causation. 22. Thomas Weigend: Subjective elements of criminal liability. 23. Michael T. Cahill: Inchoate crimes. 24. James G. Stewart: Complicity. 25. Susanne Beck: Corporate criminal liability. 26. Ulfrid Neumann: Necessity/duress. 27. Victoria Nourse: Self-defense. 28. Vera Bergelson: The defense of consent. 29. Christoph Safferling: Insanity and intoxication. 30. Tatjana Hörnle: Theories of criminalization. 31. Guyora Binder: Homicide. 32. James Chalmers: Offences against the person. 33. Vanessa E. Munro: Sexual autonomy. 34. Stuart P. Green: Property offenses. 35. Beatrice Brunhöber: Drug offenses. 36. Kent Roach: Terrorism. 37. Samuel W. Buell: "White collar" crime. 38. Darryl K. Brown: Public welfare offenses. 39. Máximo Langer: The long shadow of the adversial and inquisitorial categories. 40. Frank Meyer: Discretion. 41. Nora V. Demleitner: Types of punishment. 42. Erik Luna: Sentencing. 43. Dirk van Zyl Smit: Prison law. 44. Markus D. Dubber: Paradigms of penal law. 45. Alon Harel: Public and private law. 46. Daniel Ohana: Regulatory offenses and administrative sanctions between criminal and administrative law. 47. Luis E. Chiesa: Comparative criminal law. 48. Kimmo Nuotio: European criminal law. 49. Elies van Sliedregt: International criminal law.

* straffrätt = criminal justice = rikosoikeus
* kriminologi = criminology = kriminologia
* straffrättsligt ansvar = criminal liability = rikosoikeudellinen vastuu
* internationell straffrätt = international criminal justice = kansainvälinen rikosoikeus
* rättsteori = legal theory = oikeusteoria
* rättsfilosofi = legal philosophy = oikeusfilosofia
* jurisdiktion = jurisdiction = toimivalta
* terrorism = terrorism = terrorismi
* straffprocess = criminal procedure = rikosprosessi


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