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1. Perheentupa, Johanna (ed.) : Cross-cultural encounters, 2002

BIBLIOGRAPHIC LEVEL: monograph series

Cross-cultural encounters : perspectives on multicultural Europe / Perheentupa, Johanna (ed.) ; Karppi, Kristina - (Publications of the doctoral program of cultural interaction and integration ; 7), 274 p.. - Helsinki : University of Turku. Graduate School of Cultural Interaction and Integration, 2002.

ISBN 951-29-2409-9


ABSTRACT: CONTENTS:. 1. Raivo Vetik: A New Model of Multiculturalism: The Case of Estonia. 2. John Wrench: Ethnic Discrimination - Recognition and Responses: Reservations about the Development of a European Diversity Management. 3. Päivi Gynther: Ensuring Equal Access for Ethnic Minorities to the Quality Job Market: Possibilities and Limitations of Finnish Legislation. 4. Patrick Leech : Imagining Diachronic Communities: British Historians and National Identity. 5. Hanneleena Savolainen : In the Pursuit of a Desirable Some Thoughts on the Hungarian National-Historical Memorial Park. 6. Maija Mäkikalli: For All and for Social Integration vs. Middle-Class Values in the Discourses of Furniture Design in the 1920s Finland. 7. Kirsi Henriksson : Algerian Immigrants in France: Between Integration and Algérianité. 8. Kristi Raik : From Existential Fears to Pragmatic Expextations: Democratic Politics and the Discourse of European Integration of Estonia. 9. Marjatta Rahikainen : Limits of European Tolerance. 10. Markku Mattila : Old Arguments, New Truths: The Picture of the Eugenics Movement Today 11. Leila Koivunen : Alterity or Familiarity? Europe's Encounter with Africa and the Visualisation of the 'Exotic'. 12. Birgitta Svensson : Belonging and Outsiderhood: Cultural Encounter as Enabling and Limiting. 13. Maritta Stoor : Negotiating the Sami Question. 14. Martin Scheinin : Universality and Cultural Relativism in the Human Rights Debate - Is Cross-Cultural Dialogue Possible?. 15. Taisto Lehikoinen : Christian Communication - Cultural Imperialism or Mediating a Universal Truth? Epistemological Legitimation of Christian Media Communication

* etnisk diskriminering = ethnic discrimination = etninen syrjintä
* tolerans = tolerance = suvaitsevaisuus
* mänskliga rättigheter = human rights = ihmisoikeudet
* urfolk = indigenous peoples = alkuperäiskansat
* samer = Sami = saamelaiset
* medborgarskap = citizenship = kansalaisuus
* politiskt deltagande = political participation = poliittinen osallistuminen
* utlänningar = aliens/non-citizens = ulkomaalaiset
* kulturell pluralism = cultural pluralism = kulttuuripluralismi
* ILo = ILO = ILO
* gästarbetare = migrant workers = vierastyöläiset
* rasism = racism = rasismi
* minoritetsgrupper = minority groups = vähemmistöryhmät
* individuella rättigheter = individual rights = yksilöoikeudet
* sysselsättning = employment = työllisyys
* rätt till arbete = right to work = oikeus työhön

GEOGRAPHICAL TERMS: Finland / Estonia / Sweden / France

NOTE (GENERAL): Convention concerning the indigenous and tribal peoples in independent countries (ILO convention no. 169);

2. Macklem, Patrick : Indigenous difference and the constitution of Canada, 2001


Indigenous difference and the constitution of Canada / Macklem, Patrick, x, 334 p.. - Toronto : University of Toronto Press, 2001.

ISBN 0-8020-4195-7


ABSTRACT: CONTENTS:. CHAPTER ONE: Method:. Text, Structure, Precedent. Positivism and Distributive Justice. The Role of External Theory. Equality as an Organizing Principle. The Significance of Self-Determination. Universalism and Relativism. CHAPTER TWO: Culture:. Comprehending Culture. Aboriginal Rights as Cultural Rights. Cultural Difference and Constitutional Tradition. Downloading International Law. Cultural Difference and Equality of Resources. CHAPTER THREE : Territory:. The Legal Significance of Prior Occupancy. The Law of Aboriginal Title. The Fiction of Original Crown Occupancy. The Distribution of Title. The Constitutional Dimensions of Aboriginal Title. CHAPTER FOUR: Sovereignty:. Sovereignty's Meaning. Discovery and the Distribution of Sovereignty. Sovereignty and Formal Equality. Sovereignty and Substantive Equality. Equality and Other Cultural Groups. CHAPTER FIVE The Treaty Process:. Form and Substance in Treaty Jurisprudence. The Contractualist Vision. A New Interpretive Framework. Treaties as Constitutional Accords. Social Contracts and Distributive Justice. CHAPTER SIX: Interests, Rights, and Limitations:. Aboriginal Interests and Purposive Interpretation. Cultural and Territorial Rights. Aboriginal Rights of Self-Government. From Extinguishment to Co-Existence. Limiting Aboriginal and Treaty Rights. CHAPTER SEVEN:. Indigenous Difference and the Charter:. Aboriginal Power and the Public/Private Distinction. Distinguishing Discrimination. Indigenous Difference and Affirmative Action. Derogating from Difference. Aboriginal Membership and the Charter. CHAPTER EIGHT : Indigenous Difference and State Obligations:. Three Distinctions. Re-reading Sparrow. Fiduciary Duties of the Crown. International Legal Obligations. Justiciability Revisited. CHAPTER NINE: State Obligations and Treaty Negotiations:. Contemporary Treaty Processes. Constitutional Dictates and Institutional Design. A Duty to Negotiate in Good Faith. From Consultation to Co-Management. Negotiating Self-Government.

* urinvånare = aborigines = alkuasukkaat
* suveränitet = sovereignty = suvereniteetti
* assimilering = assimilation = assimilaatio
* medborgerliga och politiska rättigheter = civil and political rights = kansalaisoikeudet ja poliittiset oikeudet
* självbestämmanderätt = self-determination = itsemääräämisoikeus
* författning/grundlag = constitution = perustuslaki/valtiosääntö
* strafflag = criminal law = rikoslaki
* kulturell pluralism = cultural pluralism = kulttuuripluralismi
* invandring = immigration = maahanmuutto
* minoritetsgrupper = minority groups = vähemmistöryhmät
* nationalism = nationalism = nationalismi
* äganderätt = right to property = omistusoikeus
* ekonomiska, sociala och kulturella rättigheter = economic, social and cultural rights = TSS-oikeudet
* rättsfall/rättspraxis = cases/case law = oikeustapaukset

NOTE (GENERAL): UDHR; Declaration on the rights of minorities; Genocide convention; CERD; ICCPR; Canadian charter of rights and freedoms; OAS charter;

3. Addo, Michael K. : Practice of United Nations human rights treaty bodies in the reconciliation of cultural diversity with universal respect for human rights, 2010

BIBLIOGRAPHIC LEVEL: part of a serial

Practice of United Nations human rights treaty bodies in the reconciliation of cultural diversity with universal respect for human rights / Addo, Michael K.

REFERENCE TO GENERIC UNIT (Periodica): Human rights quarterly : a comparative and international journal of the social sciences, humanities and law : vol. 32; no. 3., p. 601-664. - Baltimore, MA : John Hopkins U. P., 2010. - ISSN 0275-0392


* kulturell pluralism = cultural pluralism = kulttuuripluralismi
* CEDAW Committee = CEDAW Committee = CEDAW Committee
* kommittén för de mänskliga rättigheterna = Human Rights Committee = ihmisoikeuskomitea
* mänskliga rättigheter = human rights = ihmisoikeudet
* kvinnlig könsstympning = female genital mutilation (FGM) = naisten sukupuolielinten silpominen
* sexuellt våld = sexual violence = seksuaalinen väkivalta
* jämlikhet = equality = tasa-arvo
* CERD Committee = CERD Committee = CERD Committee


URL http://muse.jhu.edu/journals/human_rights_quarterly/summary/v032/32.3.addo.html