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1. Kristiansen, Kristjana (ed.) : Arguing about disability, 2009


Arguing about disability : philosophical perspectives / Kristiansen, Kristjana (ed.) ; Vehmas, Simo ; Shakespeare, Tom, viii, 224 p.. - New York : Routledge, 2009.

ISBN 978-0-415-45595-4


ABSTRACT: Contents:. Introduction: The Unavoidable Alliance of Disability Studies and Philosophy. Part 1: Metaphysics:. 1. Social Justice and Disability: Competing Interpretations of the Medical and Social Models, by Steven R. Smith. 2. Definitions of Disability: Ethical and Other Values, by Steven D. Edwards. 3. The Ontology of Disability and Impairment: A Discussion of the Natural and Social Features, by Simo Vehmas and Pekka Mäkelä. 4. Disability and the Thinking Body, by jackie Leach Scully. Part 2: Political Philosophy:. 1. Personhood and the Social Inclusion of People with Disabilities: A Recognition-Theoretical Approach, by heikki Ikäheimo. 2. Disability and Freedom, by Richard Hull. 3. Disability, Non-Talent and Distributive Justice, by Jerome E. Bickenbach. 4. Gender, Disability and Personal Identity: Moral and Political Problems in Community Thinking, by Tuija Takala. Part 3: Ethics:. 1. Cochlear Implants, Linguistic Rights, and ‘Open Future’ Arguments, by Patrick Kermit. 2. The Moral Contestedness of Selecting ‘Deaf Embryos’, by Matti Häyry. 3. The Role of Medical Experts in Shaping Disability Law, by Lindsey Brown. 4. Prenatal Screening for Down Syndrome: Why We Shouldn’t?, by Berge Solberg. 5. Biopolitics and Bare Life: Does the Impaired Body Provide Contemporary Examples of Homo Sacer?, by Donna Reeve.

* handikappade = disabled persons = vammaiset
* etik = ethics = etiikka
* abort = abortion = abortti
* medborgarskap = citizenship = kansalaisuus
* de döva = the deaf = kuurot
* embryo transfer = embryo transfer = embryo transfer
* kvinnors rättigheter = women's rights = naisten oikeudet
* jämlikhet = equality = tasa-arvo
* rätt till liv = right to life = oikeus elämään

URL http://www.routledge.com/books/Arguing-about-Disability-isbn9780415455954