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1. Bogdandy, Armin von (ed.) : Max Planck yearbook of United Nations Law, 2010


Max Planck yearbook of United Nations Law : volume 14 2010 / Bogdandy, Armin von (ed.) ; Wolfrum, Rüdriger, xvii, 629 p.. - Leiden : Martinus Nijhoff publ. , 2010. - ISSN 1389-4633

ISBN 978-90-041-9421-2


ABSTRACT: 1. Sieber, Ulrich: Legal Order in a Global World – The Development of a Fragmented System of National, International, and Private Norms. 2. Bigi, Giulia: Joint Criminal Enterprise in the Jurisprudence of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia and the Prosecution of Senior Political and Military Leaders: The Krajišnik Case. 3. Roscini, Marco: World Wide Warfare – Jus ad bellum and the Use of Cyber Force. 4. Suarez, Suzette V.: Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf. 5. Spohr, Maximilian: United Nations Human Rights Council. 6. Fernández de Casadevante Romani, Carlos: International Law of Victims. 7. López-Jacoiste, Eugenia: The UN Collective Security System and its Relationship with Economic Sanctions and Human Rights. 8. Göcke, Katja: The Case of Ángela Poma Poma v. Peru before the Human Rights Committee. 9. Tiroch, Katrin: Violence against Women by Private Actors: The Inter-American Court’s Judgment in the Case of Gonzalez et al. (“Cotton Field”) v. Mexico Neudorfer, Sonja/ Wernig, Claudia, Implementation of International Treaties into National Legal Orders: The Protection of the Rights of the Child within the Austrian Legal System. 10. Weilert, Katarina: Taming the Untamable? Transnational Corporations in United Nations Law and Practice. 11. Ioannidis, Michael: Naming a State – Disputing over Symbols of Statehood at the Example of “Macedonia”. LL.M. Thesis:. Laowonsiri, Akawat: Application of the Precautionary Principle in the SPS Agreement.

* internationella tribunalen för krigsförbrytelser = international tribunal on war crimes (ICTY and ICTR) = kansainvälinen sotarikostuomioistuin
* rättsfall/rättspraxis = cases/case law = oikeustapaukset/oikeuskäytäntö
* rådet för mänskliga rättigheter = Human Rights Council = ihmisoikeusneuvosto (YK)
* offer = victims = uhrit
* jus ad bellum = jus ad bellum = jus ad bellum
* kollektiv säkerhet = collective security = kollektiivinen turvallisuus
* kommittén för de mänskliga rättigheterna = Human Rights Committee = ihmisoikeuskomitea
* sanktioner = sanctions = pakotteet
* familjevåld = domestic violence = perheväkivalta
* multinationella bolag = transnational corporations (TNC) = monikansalliset yritykset
* barn = children = lapset
* globalisering = globalisation = globalisaatio
* internationella tribunalen för krigsförbrytelser = international tribunal on war crimes (ICTY and ICTR) = kansainvälinen sotarikostuomioistuin
* offer = victims = uhrit
* kollektiv säkerhet = collective security = kollektiivinen turvallisuus
* familjevåld = domestic violence = perheväkivalta
* ekonomiska sanktioner = economic sanctions = taloudelliset pakotteet
* kommittén för de mänskliga rättigheterna = Human Rights Committee = ihmisoikeuskomitea
* barn = children = lapset
* implementering = implementation = toteuttaminen
* försiktighetsprincipen = precautionary principle = varovaisuusperiaate
* EU = EU = EU
* u-länder = developing countries = kehitysmaat
* självbestämmanderätt = self-determination = itsemääräämisoikeus
* gottgörelse = reparation = hyvitys
* skadestånd = compensation = vahingonkorvaus
* rådet för mänskliga rättigheter = Human Rights Council = ihmisoikeusneuvosto

NOTE (GENERAL): ECHR; CERD; CRC; Declaration on the rights of indigenous peoples; UN charter; ICCPR; ICESCR; Convention concerning the indigenous and tribal peoples in independent countries (ILO convention no. 169);


URL http://www.brill.nl/default.aspx?partid=227&pid=18793

2. Eide, Asbjorn (ed.) : Making peoples heard, 2011


Making peoples heard : essays on human rights in honour of Gudmundur Alfredsson / Eide, Asbjorn (ed.) ; Möller, Jakob Th. ; Ziemele, Ineta, xxix, 643 p.. - Leiden : Martinus Nijhoff publ., 2011.

ISBN 978-9004-19191-4


ABSTRACT: CONTENTS:. PART 1: THE RIGHT TO PEACE:. 1. milestones in the development of international humanitarian law, by Daniel Thürer. 2. Post-war American international law scepticism: the International Criminal Court, Stockholm 1924, by Mark Weston Janis. 3. Peace as a human right: the Jus cogens prohibition of aggression, by Alfred de Zayas. 4. The human right to peace, by William A. Schabas. 5. Security and human rights ain the regulation of private military companies: the role of the home state, by Francesco Fransioni. PART 2: THE UNITED NATIONS AND HUMAN RIGHTS:. 6. What makes democracy good, by Lyal S. Sunga. 7. Is the United Nations Human Rights Council living up to the international coummunity's expectations?, by Markus G. Schmidt. 8. The Human Rights Council: the perennial struggle between realism and idealism , by Bertrand G. Ramcharan. 9. Eight UN petitions procedure: a comparative analysis, by Jakob Th. Möller. 10. The legal status of views adopted by the Human Rights Committee - from genesis to adoption of general comment no. 33, by Geir Ulfstein. 11. Winter Break 2010: A week in the life of a Special rapporteur, by Martin Scheinin. 12. Legal and judicial shortcomings of the surrogate state of "UNMIKKISTAN", by Margret Heineksdottir. 13. The right to inclusive education for children with disabilities - innovations in the CRPD, by Oddny Mjöll Arnardottir. PART 3: HUMAN RIGHTS AT THE REGIONAL LEVEL:. 14. The Council of Europe: a champion in monitoring implementation of human rights standards?, by Petter F. Wille. 15. Flexibilising the modes of amending the European convention on human rights: an idea for a 'statute' for the European Court, by Krysztof Drzewicki. 16. Strengtheing of the principle of subsidiarity of the European convention on human rights, by Björg Thorarensen. 17. Presumtion of convention compliance, by David Por Björgvinsson. 18. The right to adequate judicial reasoning, by Ragnar Adalsteinsson. 19. Dialogue between states and international human rights monitoring organs - especially the European Commission Against Racism and Intolerance, by Lauri Hannikainen. 20. How old are you? Age discrimination and EU law, by Allan Rosas. 21. NHRIs in the European Union: status quo vadis?, by Morten Kjaerum and Jonas Grimheden. 22. Selected examples of the contemporary practice of the Inter-American system in confronting grave violations of human rights: United States and Colombia, by Diego Rodriguez-Pinzon. PART 4: INDIGENOUS PEOPLES AND MINORITIES:. 23. Prevention of discrimination, protection of minorities and the rights of indigenous peoples: challenges and choices, by Asbjorn Eide. 24. Minority protection in the African system of human rights, by Michelo Hansungule. 25. Indigenous peoples on the international scene: a personal reminiscene, by Lee Swepston. 26. Indigenous peoples and the right to development, by Rainer Hofmann and Juri Alistair Gauthier. 27. Principal problems regarding indigenous land rights and recent endeavours to resolve them, by Erica-Irene A. Daes. 28. Traditional knowledge of indigenous peoples: preserve or protect? That's the question, by Mpazi Sinjela. 29. Redefining sovereignty and self-determination throughg a declaration of sovereignty: the Inuit way of defining the parameters for future Arctic governance, by Timo Koivurova. PART 5: HUMAN RIGHTS IN NATIONAL PRACTICES:. 30. Compliance with the views of the UN Human Rights Committee and the judgments of the European Court of Human Rights in Iceland, by Gudrun Gauksdottir and Thordis Ingadottir. 31. Did lack of democratic governance contribute to the recent collapse of the Icelandic banking system (Summary in English), by Eirikur Tomasson. 32. "Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom": constitutional principles and preceding causes of the crash in Iceland, by Herdis Thorgeirsdottir. 33. The constitutionalism of the Republic of Iceland and the role and status of the President, by august por Arnason. 34. The hundred-year journey of the concept of human rights in China, by Xu Xianming. 35. Article 17 of China's regional national autonomy law: its implementation andimplications, by MAria Lundberg and Zhou Yong. 36. Enforcement of economic, social and cultural rights at national level: the Indian practice, by Manoj Kumar Sinha.

* internationell humanitär rätt = international humanitarian law = kansainvälinen humanitaarinen oikeus
* internationell straffrätt = international criminal justice = kansainvälinen rikosoikeus
* jus cogens = jus cogens = jus cogens
* privata militära företag = private military companies = yksityiset sotilas- ja turvallisuusalan yritykset
* rätt till fred = right to peace = oikeus rauhaan
* rådet för mänskliga rättigheter = Human Rights Council = ihmisoikeusneuvosto
* kommittén för de mänskliga rättigheterna = Human rights Committee = ihmisoikeuskomitea
* handikappade barn = disabled children = vammaiset lapset
* rätt till undervisning = right to education = oikeus opetukseen
* Europarådet = Council of Europe = Euroopan Neuvosto
* europeiska domstolen för de mänskliga rättigheterna = European Court of Human Rights = Euroopan ihmisoikeustuomioistuin
* åldersdiskriminering = age discrimination = ikäsyrjintä
* EU = EU = EU
* ursprungsfolk = indigenous peoples = alkuperäiskansat
* minoritetsgrupper = minority groups = vähemmistöryhmät
* rätt till utveckling = right to development = oikeus kehitykseen
* EU-rätt = EU law = EU-oikeus
* landrättigheter = land ownership rights = maanomistusoikeus
* självbestämmanderätt = self-determination = itsemääräämisoikeus
* kommittén för de mänskliga rättigheterna = Human Rights Committee = ihmisoikeuskomitea
* suveränitet = sovereignty = suvereniteetti
* mänskliga rättigheter = human rights = ihmisoikeudet
* ESK-rättigheter = ESC rights = TSS-oikeudet
* konstitutionalism = constitutionalism = valtiosääntöistäminen
* självständighet = independence = itsenäisyys
* väpnad konflikt = armed conflict = aseellinen selkkaus
* massförstörelsevapen = weapons of mass destruction (WMD) = joukkotuhoaseet
* internationella brottmålsdomstolen = international criminal court (ICC) = kansainvälinen rikostuomioistuin
* aggression = aggression = agressio
* jus ad bellum = jus ad bellum = jus ad bellum
* jus in bello = jus in bello = jus in bello
* statsansvar = state responsibility = valtiovastuu
* FN:s folkrättskommission = International Law Commission (ILC) = kansainvälisen oikeuden toimikunta
* skyldigheten att skydda = responsibility to protect (R2P) = velvollisuus suojella
* rättsstatsprincip = rule of law = oikeusvaltioperiaate
* icke-diskriminering = non-discrimination = syrjintäkielto
* arktiskt område = arctic region = arktinen alue
* skadestånd = compensation = vahingonkorvaus

NOTE (GENERAL): UN charter; UDHR; Geneva conventions; Additional protocols to the Geneva conventions; ICC statute; ICCPR-20; ICCPR-OP; ICESCR; CERD; CAT; CEDAW; ECHR; CRPD; EU charter of fundamental rights; TFEU; Declaration on the rights of indigenous peoples; Convention concerning the indigenous and tribal peoples in independent countries (ILO convention no. 169);

URL http://www.brill.com/making-peoples-heard