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1. Weston, Martin : The role of translation at the European court of human rights, 1988

BIBLIOGRAPHIC LEVEL: part of a monograph

The role of translation at the European court of human rights / Weston, Martin

REFERENCE TO GENERIC UNIT: Protecting human rights : the European dimension = Protection des droits de l'homme : la dimension europeenne : Studies in honour of = melanges en l'honneur de Gerard J. Wiarda / Matscher, F.; Petzold, H. (eds.), p. 679-689. - Köln : Heymanns Verlag, 1988.

ISBN 3 452 20723 4


* Europarådet = Council of Europe = Euroopan Neuvosto
* översättning = translation = käännös

2. Ruggeri, Stefano (ed.) : Human rights in European criminal law, 2015


Human rights in European criminal law : new developments in European legislation and case law after the Lisbon Treaty / Ruggeri, Stefano (ed.), x, 317 p. - Heidelberg : Springer, 2015.

ISBN 978-3-319-12041-6


ABSTRACT: CONTENTS:. 1. Bernd Hecker: The development of individual rights protection in European criminal law after the Lisbon Treaty. 2. Antonio Ruggeri: 'Dialogue' between European and national courts, in the pursuit of the strongest protection of fundamental rights (with specific regard to criminal and procedural law). 3. Giuseppe Toscano: The principle of nullum crimen sine lege in the construction of European criminal law. 4. Giuseppina Panebianco: The nulla poena sine culpa principle in European courts case law. 5. Serena Quattrocolo: The right to information in EU legislation. 6. Richard Vogler: Lost in translation: language rights for defendants in European criminal proceedings. 7. Lorena Bachmeier Winter: The EU directive on the right to access to a lawyer: a critical assessment. 8. Martin Böse: Human rights violations and mutual trust: recent case law on the European arrest warrant. 9. Stefano Ruggeri: Transnational prosecutions, methods of obtaining overseas evidence, human rights protection in Europe. 10. Vincenzo Militello: Transnational organized crime and European Union: aspects and problems. 11. Tommaso Rafaraci: New perspectives for the protection of victims in the EU. 12. Giuseppina Laura Candito: The influence of the Directive 2012/13/EU on the Italian system of protection of the right to information in criminal procedures. 13. Federica Crupi: New perspectives for the protection of personal data in criminal proceedings in the European Union and repercussions on the Italian legal system. 14. Simona Arasi: The effects of the Directive 2013/48/EU on the Italian system of precautionary measures: defence rights in remand hearings. 15. Giuseppe Alvaro and Alessandro D'Andrea: The impact of Directive 2012/29/EU on the Italian system for protecting victims of crime in criminal proceedings.

* EU = EU = EU
* EU-rätt = EU law = EU-oikeus
* straffrätt = criminal justice = rikosoikeus
* straffprocess = criminal procedure = rikosprosessi
* rättsstatsprincip = rule of law = oikeusvaltioperiaate
* rättvis rättegång = fair trial = oikeudenmukainen oikeudenkäynti
* översättning = translation = käännös
* rättshjälp = legal assistance = oikeusapu
* europeiska arresteringsordern = European arrest warrant (EAW) = eurooppalainen pidätysmääräys
* bevis = evidence = todistus
* organiserad brottslighet = organized criminality = järjestäytynyt rikollisuus
* offrets rättigheter = victim's rights = uhrin oikeudet
* dataskydd = data protection = tietosuoja


NOTE (GENERAL): Lisbon treaty; EU charter of fundamental rights; ECHR