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1. Couso, Javier (ed.) : Cultures of legality, 2010


Cultures of legality : judicialization and political activism in Latin America / Couso, Javier (ed.) ; Huneeus, Alexandra ; Sieder, Rachel - (Cambridge studies in law and society), xii, 287 p.. - Cambridge : Cambridge U. P., 2010.

ISBN 978-0-521-76723-1


ABSTRACT: PART I : INTRODUCTION:. 1. Cultures of legality: judicialization and political activism in contemporary Latin America, by Alexandra Huneeus, Javier Couso, and Rachel Sieder. PART II: COURTS AND JUDICIALIZATION THORUGH A CULTURAL LENS:. 2. Legal language and social change during Colombia's economic crisis, by Pablo Rueda. 3. How courts work: culture, institutions, and the Brazilian supreme tribunal federal, by Diana Kapiszewski. 4. More power, more rights? The Supreme Court and society in Mexico, by Karina Ansolabehere. 5. High courts and the inter-American court: judicialization, human rights and a tenuous relationship, by Alexandra Huneeus. PART III: JUDICIALIZATION BEYOND THE COURTS:. 6. The transformation of constitutional discourse and the judicialization of politics in Latin America, by Javier Couso. 7. Legal cultures in the (un)rule of law: indigenous rights and juridification in post-conflict Guatemala, by Rachel Sieder. 8. Political activism and the practice of law in Venezuela Manuel, by A. Gomez. 9. The Mapuche people's battle for land: litigation as a strategy to defend indigenous land rights, by Anne Skjævestad. 10. Judicialization in Argentina: legal culture, or opportunities and support structures?, by Catalina Smulovitz. 11. Novel appropriations of the law in the pursuit of political and social change in Latin America, by Pilar Domingo.

* konstitutionalism = constitutionalism = valtiosääntöistäminen
* rättskultur = legal culture = oikeuskulttuuri
* ursprungsbefolkningar = indigenous peoples = alkuperäiskansat
* interamerikanska domstolen för de mänskliga rättigheterna = Inter-American Court of Human Rights = Inter-Amerikkalainen ihmisoikeustuomioistuin
* rättsstatsprincip = rule of law = oikeusvaltioperiaate


URL http://www.cambridge.org/catalogue/catalogue.asp?isbn=9780521767231