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1. Votinius, Julen : Normkonflikter i regelringen om arbetstagares föräldraskap, 2008

BIBLIOGRAPHIC LEVEL: part of a serial

Normkonflikter i regelringen om arbetstagares föräldraskap / Votinius, Julen

REFERENCE TO GENERIC UNIT (Periodica): Retfaerd : nordisk juridisk tidsskrift : 31. årg. nr. 4/123., p. 102-130. - Copenhagen : Akademisk forlag, 2008. - ISSN 0105-1121


* arbetsrätt = labour law = työoikeus
* EU-rätt = EU law = EU-oikeus
* graviditet = pregnancy = raskaus
* moderskap = motherhood = äitiys
* föräldraledighet = parental leave = vanhempainloma


2. Garcia, Helena Alviar (ed.) : Social and economic rights in theory and practice, 2015


Social and economic rights in theory and practice : critical inquiries / Garcia, Helena Alviar (ed.) ; Klare, Karl (ed.) ; Williams, Lucy A. (ed.), xvi, 327 p.. - London : Routledge, 2015.

ISBN 978-0-415-70564-6


ABSTRACT: CONTENTS:. PART I: Perspectives. 1. Karl Klare: Critical perspectives on social and economic rights, democracy and separation of powers. 2. Jackie Dugard, Tshepo Madlingozi and Kate Tissington: Rights-compromised or rights-savvy? The use of rights-based strategies to advance socio-economic struggles by Abahlali baseMjondolo, the South African shack-dwellers' movement. 3. Lucy A. Williams: Resource questions in social and economic rights enforcement: a preliminary view. PART 2: Global social and economic rights practice: limitations and openings. 2A: Latin America. 4. Helena Alviar Garcia: Distribution of resources led by courts: a few words of caution. 5. Natalia Angel-Cabo and Domingo Lovera Parmo: Latin American social constitutionalism: courts and popular participation. 6. Roberto Gargarella: Deliberative democracy, dialogic justice and the promise of social and economic rights. 7. Octavio Luiz Motta Ferraz: Between activism and deference: social rights adjudication in the Brazilian Supreme Federal Tribunal. 2B: India. 8. Namita Wahi: The tension between property rights and social and economic rights: a case study of India. 9. Sukti Dhital and Jayshree Satpute: Claiming the right to safe motherhood through litigation: the Indian story. 2C: South Africa. 10. Lilian Chenwi: Democratizing the socio-economic rights-enforcement process. 11. Dennis M. Davis: The scope of the judicial role in the enforcement of social and economic rights: limits and possibilities viewed from the South African experience. 2D: Canada. 12. Bruce Porter: Inclusive interpretations: social and economic rights and the Canadian charter. PART 3: Looking forward. 13. Sandra Liebenberg and Katharine G. Young: Adjudicating social and economic rights: can democratic experimentalism help?. 14. Colm O'Cinneide: The constitutionalization of social and economic rights. 15. Frank I. Michelman: Constitutionally binding social and economic rights as a compelling idea: reciprocating perturbations in liberal and democratic constitutional visions.

* ESK-rättigheter = ESC rights = TSS-oikeudet
* rättsfall/rättspraxis = cases/case law = oikeustapaukset/oikeuskäytäntö
* författning/grundlag = constitution = perustuslaki/valtiosääntö
* nationella domstolar = national courts = kansalliset tuomioistuimet
* äganderätt = right to property = omistusoikeus
* moderskap = motherhood = äitiys
* konstitutionalism = constitutionalism = valtiosääntöistäminen
* demokrati = democracy = demokratia

GEOGRAPHICAL TERMS: Argentina / Brazil / Canada / Chile / Colombia / Germany / India / South Africa / USA / Venezuela