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1. Citizen's income and citizen's wages / Dept. of Economics
2. Succes in Finnish firms / Dept. of Economics
3. The examination of post-graduate researchers at Åbo Akademi University / Dept. of Statistics
4. Economic well-being : distribution, dynamics and mobility / Dept. of Statistics; Dept. of Economics; Dept. of Sociology (University of Turku)
5. Political and cultural implications of Asia-pacific economism. / Dept. of Economic Geography
6. Information strategies in the export market : problem identification and problem solving among Finnish exporters of log houses / Dept. of Library and Information Science
7. Annual reports to the Council of Europe / Institute for Human Rights
8. Women's Lives in Swedish Speaking Finland / Institute of Women's Studies
9. Hyperknowledge for strategic management / IAMSR Institute for Advanced Management Systems Research
10. The OSCE in the Maintenance of International Peace and Security / Department of Law
11. European Industrial Policy and Institutional Changes / Dept. of Economics
12. The Interaction between Health and Other Components of Elfare. The Role of Welfare Policy in the Interplay between Components of Welfare. / Dept. of Statistics. Health and Welfare
13. Restructuring of Finnish Maternity Care / Dept. of Sociology
14. The Politics of Feminism / Dept. of Sociology
15. The History of Sociology in Finland / Dept. of Sociology
16. University students information seeking behavior in the changing learning environment / Department of Information Studies
17. Gender, sexuality and organisational worlds / Dept. of Sociology
18. Images of women's health: social construction of gendered health / Dept. of Sociology
19. The Information Culture in Finnish Insurance Companies / Department of Information Studies
20. Recession and Trust / Dept. of Sociology
21. Restructuring of the welfare state / Dept. of Sociology
22. Recession and Civil Society / Dept. of Sociology
23. Politics and Spatial Partitioning / Dept. of Political Science
24. Baltic - Mediterranean Local Agenda 21 / Dept. of Political Science
25. Transnationalism and Diasporic Relation in a Finnish and Swedish Context / Dept. of Sociology