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1. Size reversal in alkaline papermaking / Laboratory of Paper Chemistry
2. Adsorption of cationic polyacrylamide on mechanical pulp / Laboratory of Paper Chemistry
3. Mechanisms that govern fiber flocculation / Laboratory of Paper Chemistry
4. Development of the IDE-pulping concept / Laboratory of Pulping Technology
5. Intercultural communication / Dept. of Comparative Religion and Folkloristics
6. Childbirth and parenthood as a cultural construction / Dept. of Comparative Religion and Folkloristics
7. Citizen's income and citizen's wages / Dept. of Economics
8. Political and cultural implications of Asia-pacific economism. / Dept. of Economic Geography
9. Surface modification of glassfibres / Dept. of Physical Chemistry
10. Religious life of common people in town and countryside / Dept. of Church History and Practical Theology