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Biblio: the search term namn=('Mattsson, Kaj') results in 2 hits

1. Mattsson, Kaj / Institutionen för biologi
  Uptake and elimination of resin acids and physiological responses in rainbow trout exposed to total mill effluent from an integrated newsprint mill / K. Johnsen...[et al.].
- In: Environmental toxicology and chemistry, ISSN 0730-7268, 14 (1995) s. 1561-1568.

2. Mattsson, Kaj / Parasitologiska institutet
  Light energy as a cause of structural and functional variations in brackish water littoral mesocosms used in ecotoxicological research / Karl-Johan Lehtinen...[et al.].
- In: Boreal environment research, ISSN 1239-6095, 1 (1996) 1, s. 71-83.