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Biblio: the search term namn=('Rönnback, Robert') results in 2 hits

1. Rönnback, Robert / Institutionen för teknisk kemi
  Development of a kinetic model for the esterification of acetic acid with methanol in the presence of a homogeneous acid catalyst / R. Rönnback ... [et al.].
- In: Chemical engineering science, ISSN 0009-2509, 52 (1997) s. 3369-3381.

2. Rönnback, Robert / Institutionen för teknisk kemi
  Esterification kinetics in the presence and absence of an acid catalyst : a comparision of numerical approach and asymptotic analysis / J. Lehtonen ... [et al.].
- In: The First European Congress on Chemical Engineering, Florence, Italy May 4-7, 1997 : in occasion of ICheaP-3, The third Italian Conference on Chemical and Process Engineering : proceedings / European Congress on Chemical Engineering (1997). - Milano : AIDIC, 1997, s. 2985-2988.